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I neee to desperately get rid of mice - HELP

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SugarPrincess67 Sun 23-Jun-19 02:30:30

Hello, so I’m going crazy out of my head at the moment. I apologise if this post is not in the correct thread.

We have a mouse infestation issue, where the mice have disappeared for a few months. Today after putting my daughter to sleep, I walked along the corridor to find a mouse running across. I don’t know how I managed to remain so calm because right now I’m pooping myself.
I have tried ABSOLUTELY everything in getting rid of them, I’ve purchased glue traps and snap traps, the plug ins and mint oil. I even have a cat but these little creatures keep coming back.
I have carpet and soon enough my baby will start crawling so I’m dressing about that too.
It doesn’t help that my husband is more scared than I am, the car doesn’t do much and usually stays downstairs. I have a little kitchen upstairs which has gaps between the cabinets and I don’t have the funds to get the kitchen redone. Can someone please advise me on what to do as I really have no idea on what else to do

RageAgainstTheVendingMachine Sun 23-Jun-19 02:40:17

Glue traps are grim
Snap traps with peanut butter perpendicular to the wall and lots of them
Electric zapper victor black box traps - these work well. Try hot dog or salami in them.
You need all these in bulk to make an impact and you need to block all holes with wire wool and space foam filler.

Coveredincathair Sun 23-Jun-19 03:52:42

My daughter’s student house had a mouse problem which was denied by the landlady despite there being multiply sonic plug ins already in the house, they tried bait & traps with no success. The only thing that helped was taking Maisy cat a supreme mouser down to the house. She caught 3 mice in 2 days, more were seen but since then nothing in the last 5 months. Maisy is due back home any day now. We did not inform the landlady of her presence. 😊

Newyearnewunicorn Sun 23-Jun-19 05:01:03

Use parcel tape over all the gaps in the kitchen and skirting boards.
Make sure there’s no food available for them. Be scrupulously clean always hoovering up crumbs. Then the numbers will decrease as you trap them. If you don’t want a cat get some peed on cat litter and leave it where the mice are in little openpots.

noenergy Sun 23-Jun-19 05:11:42

Proper Rentokil mousetraps with peanut butter is the best thing

Myfoolishboatisleaning Sun 23-Jun-19 05:14:07

I bloody love that you put this under pets. I love you OP. No help, I know.

EleanorofCastile Sun 23-Jun-19 05:31:07

Please don’t use the glue traps!

The sonic plug ins aren’t helpful if you have any infestation in my experience.

Your local council will have a pest control contractor service which is usually subsided. Get someone around for specialist advice. They will lay poison traps, and then come back to check. They will also advise you on holes/gaps etc. You need to be fastidious about storing food and cleaning so there isn’t a crumb for them to eat. Wire wool is good for filling gaps in, but you need to stop them getting in from outside so cover on air vents, gaps in rotten doors etc.

It’s true some cats are more interested/helpful than others but I would be trying to keep the cat upstairs, close to where the mouse problem is!

BitOfFun Sun 23-Jun-19 05:41:58

Excellent advice from Eleanor there. Space foam filler and parcel tape will be futile, sadly, as rodents chew through them with alacrity. Wire wool is effective, but you need to fill any hole bigger than the end of a biro.

You have to pull out all furniture etc to find the entry point, block it up, and put poison down. The council pest control will be the best option.

RageAgainstTheVendingMachine Sun 23-Jun-19 14:23:51

Love you bof, have just learnt what alacrity means smile I thought I had a reasonable vocabulary but there are many women on here who teach me new words. flowers Foam filler worked for me once but another time I swear my 'pets' grin just thought I was creating a parcour for them.

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