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Rehoming a dog with an elderly cat

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diaduittoyou Thu 20-Jun-19 12:25:43

After some advice - I've wanted a dog for years, I work part time and have the time and energy to spend with one, and would love my DS to grow up with one as I did.

My only reservation is my elderly cat. She's 16 but is in good health and could (hopefully will) be with us for another 5 years!

I've been keeping an eye on local rescues and there's one that tests the dogs with cats they have. They have a 2 year old whippet I've fallen for who has been fine around their cats. I'm considering applying for her. Does anyone have any advice about this? Is it very unfair to my cat who's been an only pet since her brother died three years ago? Surely there are success stories out there?!

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Thu 20-Jun-19 17:14:49

You could also try putting this on The Doghouse thread as lots of the dog people on there also have cats and could perhaps give you some tips.

diaduittoyou Thu 20-Jun-19 17:15:47

Thanks @mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork - will do.

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