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Do you use a dog walker?

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Emily55 Wed 19-Jun-19 14:45:52

Can I ask if anyone uses a dog walker/sitter for their dog(s) and how much you pay for it and if you’ve ever had any problems? I’m a bit wary but starting a new job where I’ll be away from home much more so considering options.


Bonkersblond Wed 19-Jun-19 14:50:03

I pay £10 for an hours walk, DDog is only dog being walked. I get sent a short video of her on the walk!

Bonkersblond Wed 19-Jun-19 14:51:04

Oh never had any issues but feel completely comfortable with lady who walks her.

Emily55 Wed 19-Jun-19 14:51:09

Also is there anything you looked for when choosing someone or things to avoid! Thanks

Nesssie Wed 19-Jun-19 14:54:24

£12 an hour for a group dog walk (max 4 dogs). With collections/drop offs/travelling time he is about the house for about 1.30-2hrs
I get sent photos/videos each time.
My dog is a bit funny with other dogs, very boisterous but my dog walker is amazing at matching him up with the right walking companions.

I would ask for maximum group size, where they are walked,on/off lead etc

My walker always gives him a quick rub down, checks water bowl, and then gets him a treat from my treat tub.

Kidssendingmenuts Wed 19-Jun-19 14:57:18

Hi Emily I'm a dog walker and you need to check firstly if their insured. Also how many they walk per group as too many can end in bedlam! If they actually walk the pooch or if they have their own land that they just let them run around etc.
Check what vehicle they use and whether it's appropriate for example all caged and not shoved in the back of someone's car boot with more dogs.
Check reviews on Facebook or
Google see what there other customers say about them. If you can get recommended a certain one by a few people that always looks good.
Make sure they do a meet and greet before and take them for a walk, also see if they allow you to go on a walk with them with their pack to see how yours reacts within the group and how they handle it all ( all good dog walkers will allow this)
They should also provide forms to fill in such as a contract, emergency contact form and info sheet about your pooch and vets.

Good luck xx

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Thu 20-Jun-19 17:11:56

I pay £12 an hour - dog is walked alone. Please check your own vibes when you meet dogwalker and make sure you feel happy with them. Also, check dog's reaction to them. If you start with a walker and then notice your dog is not its usual self, it may be the dog doesn't get on with the walker and you will need to change. This happened to me and, a couple of years later, to a neighbour of mine - completely different walkers. We both agreed that you notice your dog is unsettled and not so happy when you get home. We both found that when we'd got new walkers the dogs were fine and their usual happy selves. The walker who was no good I found in a hurry online. All my other walkers (in different areas I've lived in) have been fine and I got them from asking the local vet receptionists if they could give me any names.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Thu 20-Jun-19 17:13:23

Also, I never let them let my dog off a lead as I wouldn't like my dog to be run over if its walker was distracted for a moment. It's fine as I know she will get lots of off lead time on walks with me to make up for a more sedate one with the walker.

adaline Fri 19-Jul-19 13:06:49

We did but I have to say I was not very impressed. We no longer use him and now our pup stays with my in-laws when necessary.

Ishouldhaveknown Fri 19-Jul-19 13:34:21

I have one for mine but they provide a visit and play with the dog in the garden (house if raining). Hiding treats, playing with toys, having a cuddle.

Although I work I still walk the dog evening and morning so they don't need the extra exercise, just need a toilet break and the day breaking up.

Just a different way of doing it, appreciating it wouldn't work for all (but I'm a control freak so works for me).

AxCap Fri 19-Jul-19 13:39:20

We pay £8 for a group walk.

The lady visited us at home first to check on dog's nature etc. she lives locally so we always see her out and about and the dogs go to a special field near us that is solely for dog walking which means they can be off lead if you prefer. She also provided all her certificates (first aid etc) and insurance at the first meeting. No issues at all and dog loves her.

caranx Fri 19-Jul-19 13:40:12

Really research your dog walker. There's a couple of dog walkers who walk along a river near me and I'm not impressed. 6-8 dogs, all off lead, not picking up poo and letting them run at my on-lead dog even when I walk as far away from them as possible. One of the dogs even followed me home one day!

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