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Cats ‘visiting’ where they were born.

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Hugosclock Tue 18-Jun-19 14:33:23

Not really sure how to word the title!
We are planning to adopt two kittens and the owner of the mother (she adopted pregnant cat) has offered to let the kittens stay there when we travel. I’m just wondering if this would be feasible? For two grown cats to go back to their mother, bother and the house they grew up from time to time? What do you think? We travel quite a lot but would love DD to have a pet. We can use a cattery sometimes, but this could be a better option for cats (for longer trips) and us financially! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this though?! Thoughts? We can’t take the kittens until August (as we’re away much of the summer!) so they will be living there with their mother until they are about 14 weeks.

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