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My cat has died and I am grief stricken

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Candymay Wed 12-Jun-19 13:30:39

I am desperately sad and crushed with grief. My cat has died. I’m in shock. I feel that people may not understand how painful this is so I’m not telling people why I’m upset. I feel like I will never get over this pain.

YorkshireFatRascal Wed 12-Jun-19 13:36:25

I really understand how you feel. My beautiful cat died very suddenly a couple of months ago - he was only 7. The grief is real. Do tell people why you are upset. I was touched by how many friends were truly sympathetic, even those who were not necessarily cat lovers. You need to be kind to yourself snd give yourself time to grieve.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Wed 12-Jun-19 13:55:43

I am so sorry Candy.

I think many of us know that heartwrenching grief and pain all too well, so we are right there with you, sharing this difficult time.

One day you will be able to look back and remember your lovely cat with happiness and enjoy the memories. I know you can't see that now, but please hang on to my reassurances; and that you gave all the love you possibly could to your cat till the end.

Hang in there. This will be a bumpy ride but you will make it.

sairbair Wed 12-Jun-19 14:01:01

I am so sorry for your loss. Sending understanding love and hugs your way sweet 🤗🤗❤️

CatPunsFreakMeowt Wed 12-Jun-19 14:06:06

I’m so sorry Candy flowers

Please do tell people why you’re upset. Any pet owner will empathise with you and probably share how losing a much loved pet affected them too flowers

Time does help, it doesn’t remove the hurt but you’re able to look back on the happy memories more often than the sad.

Candymay Wed 12-Jun-19 20:41:18

Thank you. I’m so deeply sad. I feel that I will never get over this loss.

CatPunsFreakMeowt Wed 12-Jun-19 20:59:18

The pain that you feel now is testament to the love that you shared Candy flowers

AllFourOfThem Wed 12-Jun-19 21:00:32

I’m so sorry. flowers

Shockers Wed 12-Jun-19 21:01:44

I understand completely 😔. So sorry for your loss.

GoldPaperStars Wed 12-Jun-19 21:04:29

I’m so sorry. I understand your pain completely and have experienced it myself. I PROMISE that it will hurt less in time and that’s no reflection on how much love you have for them.

Sending love.

RagingWhoreBag Wed 12-Jun-19 21:04:53

I’m so sorry for your loss Candymay flowers

Honestly anyone with a pet (and a heart) will understand how devastated you are - pets become part of our family and they steal our hearts with their furry little faces.

Please do confide in a friend about how sad you are - even if they don’t understand the depth of your despair, they will want to comfort you.

I’ve lost pets and people and I still feel very sad about all of them. The process of grieving is the same, it’s not always linear, some days it hits you harder than others.

Sending you ((un-mumsnetty hugs))

Willowcat77 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:06:03

When my cat died unexpectedly I couldn't stop crying for 7 days. 7 years later, it still hurts. I think the death of a special pet is comparable to that of a family member dying. Lots of people don't understand though.

Chocmallows Wed 12-Jun-19 21:06:40

Don't rush grief, take care of yourself and treasure the memories. Share away on here flowersflowersflowers

hopeful31yrs Wed 12-Jun-19 21:07:46

I have never felt the same way As I have after our cat passed away. Seriously. It's not like a human death. She was our family but in a completely unique way. I still tear up and in a way it feels like I'm devaluing deaths in my own family (and loved them dearly) but our cat gave us so much joy. I miss her so terribly and part of that is because I can't acknowledge her like I could if she was actually human. The following day I could continue as I alway have but was terribly sad. I still look at the pictures of my children at that time and feel the same way. I miss her.

Much love x

Minkies11 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:09:10

So so sorry. Do you have anyone close you can talk to about your lovely cat? Feeling huge amounts of grief is normal - they are family members first and foremost irregardless of species. Love mine a painful amount and agonise over them when they are just ill so can't imagine how upset you are. flowers for you.

NoodlingAlong Wed 12-Jun-19 21:11:46

Am so sorry. Don’t shy away from telling people. The wee fluffy ones are so much a part of the family flowers.

Chocmallows Wed 12-Jun-19 21:15:05

At the start of every summer I remember how my last cat had missed his last summer as had to be PTS just before the summer. He was PTS 4 years ago, he loved laying in the sun. It broke my heart.

I have another rescue cat, but I don't forget my cuddly dopey sun-worshiper.

Unburnished Wed 12-Jun-19 21:15:58

Oh it’s heartbreaking isnt it. It took me months to get over my girl dying. I’d be in the supermarket and get to the pet food isle and just burst out crying. I didnt tell anyone for a week so that Ai could process everything and gather myself.

Do you want to tell us what happened?

Osc70 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:20:58

I’m so sorry for you, it’s horrible and I can definitely understand your pain, I lost one of my beautiful girls ☹️

Daffodil2018 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:24:21

I am so sorry. I hope you are ok thanks

TeaForTheWin Wed 12-Jun-19 21:29:47

I am sorry OP sad

I am sad too as I just had to find a new home for my bunny yesterday and I really friggin miss her already. I know its not the same as she is alive and happy somewhere but the space where she know. I sobbed half the night last night and can't go into the kitchen as that's where her cage was sad

I'm sure you don't have to defend your right to be upset to anyone! Also, I think they will understand if they have half a heart. I know I need to get out and socialise but I really don't feel up to it so I wouldn't advise you to do the same as you probably feel worse. But hand hold OP, it will get better xx

Candymay Thu 13-Jun-19 20:57:19

Thank you for all these kind comments. I am so devastated and crushed. My heart is aching and I feel like I will never be the same again. The pain is so intense.

MyGastIsFlabbered Thu 13-Jun-19 20:57:55

I totally understand. It's so hard when pets die.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Thu 13-Jun-19 22:05:42

The King of Cats feels your pain. When the time is right - and only then - he will intervene.

You will know then that your heart will never forget, but that it will grow bigger. Trust me.

Your sweet little cat was loved, and maybe you can share some of your treasured memories when you feel up to it?

GassyAss Thu 13-Jun-19 22:08:55

I’m so sorry for your loss. I cried all day when I lost my 20 year old cat.

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