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Spaying rabbit, questions

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swizzlestix Fri 07-Jun-19 12:08:59

Hi am about to book in our beloved bunny for this but worried about it and how she will be afterwards as it's a big op. How were your girls afterwards ? would welcome any tips. Many thanks

Elmo311 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:25:30


The main thing with bunnies is that they eat straight after surgery once they are up and about , and that they are kept warm.
You'll get pain relief to give her at home for a few days but they usually cope well, and the vets are very good at monitoring rabbits closely.

Ask your vet for the reassurance you need, they can answer any questions you have in full detail. Obviously there are always risks, but with ovarian cancer quite high/likely in female rabbits it is worth it in my opinion (and because they can get very grumpy and territorial if not spayed!)

Honeyroar Tue 25-Jun-19 22:11:22

My female was done last October. She was at the vets for a day, her companion went with her so she came round in the next cage to him. When she came home she lived in a sectioned off area of the indoor run with newspaper for bedding (to be able to see any bleeding and that she was eating/drinking). We had to give her Metacam for 3 days by syringe. The vet checked her over on day 5 and then she went back into the big run. It was all very easy.

swizzlestix Wed 26-Jun-19 05:40:39

Thanks both, well she had the op a week ago and was very knocked off for a couple of days, wouldn't eat and had to be syringe fed. She is now doing really well. The vet is seeing her for the 4th time post op on Friday to hopefully sign her off after a final check of the wound.
Thanks for the advice smile

Honeyroar Wed 26-Jun-19 13:23:04

Glad she's getting better. Sounds like she had a tough time with it and ours was lucky. (sorry I was late with my reply!)

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