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Dog peeing In house

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Burgh9843 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:28:33

We have recently rescued a gorgeous six year old male Spaniel. He’s brilliant in every way except.....he keeps peeing indoors!
Anyone got any tips? Taking him out regularly, praising when he pees outside etc,

BiteyShark Fri 19-Apr-19 11:37:01

Treat him like a puppy. Take him out regularly, after every meal, every play, every drink, when he wakes and frequently in between.

When he goes outside praise him as well as giving a command. The reason for the command is that they start to associate that word or phrase with peeing so you can then get them to pee on command later.

Make sure you clean up any accidents inside with special pet enzyme cleaner otherwise it could encourage him to keep peeing in that spot.

Sharonjj108 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:38:58

Thanks BiteyShark

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