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New cat really doesn't like DP

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AnxietyFarts Fri 12-Apr-19 12:36:35

We recently rehomed a very skittish 5-year-old lady from my DM. I'm guessing she wasn't socialised much as a very young kitten (before DM got her) and as a result she's very flighty and skittish. She's warmed up to me a lot and is my little shadow in the morning, still jumpy but will come up to me for a fuss. She was getting on okay with my partner until we needed to get her into a carrier for a trip to the vets. I wasn't home, so DP tried getting her in the box, which she REALLY did not like. We never made it to the vets as she ended up hiding under the kitchen cupboards. Since then she's really gone off DP and seems really scared of him, he wasn't rough with her at all (and I know he never would be - he's a gentle soul and our other cat loves him to bits). She'll run away from him if he tries to call her over and will hiss if he tries to stroke her - unless he's armed with dreamies! With treats she'll come up to him but run off once she's eaten them. It's getting DP down a bit. Any tips on things we can try aside from being patient with her? We have a Feliway but it doesn't seem like it's making much difference.

MitziK Sat 13-Apr-19 14:36:06

DP does all the feeding from now on. No exceptions. She risks going hungry if she doesn't come when called.

And more Dreamies - you are no longer the bringer of treats. He is.

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