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Spider, snake or reptile

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SmellsLikeAdultSpirit Fri 29-Mar-19 18:17:53

My DC has long wanted a snake. I don't want anything I can't give a good quality of life and I don't want to feed mice to anything
If there were smaller, non mice eating snakes that could be housed in a reasonable environment I would consider it
Can anyone advise on the easiest /happiest to keep and that is possible to tame

Hoppinggreen Fri 29-Mar-19 22:14:06

When faced this dilemma and got a crested Gecko
He’s lovely and quite undemanding once you get his environment right. He isn’t live fed so he need for insects etc in the house and he’s happy to chill out on your hand or shoulder. He hasn’t really got much in the way of teeth so no danger of getting bitten He’s very cute but doesn’t do an awful lot to be honest. We did loads of research, went to Events where we met owners etc before we decided what to get and we made sure to get one that had been handled from birth. Leopard Geckos are a good option as well
. He’s actually DD’s and while I have dont mind him I prefer my cats and dog.

agirlhasnonameX Sat 30-Mar-19 14:21:11

Garter snakes are relatively small and can eat insects and fish, however it wouldn't be advised to only feed them insects and fish, so humanely killed, frozen and thawed small rodents would also be important as part of a varied diet, but perhaps less often than most other species.
They aren't too high maintenance (although setting up any snake environment can be a pain to start with) and can be tamed as adults if appropriately and regularly handled. As babies they aren't as friendly.
I think ribbon snakes have the same sort of diet, although their care is a little more complicated and they are not as easily handled.
Unfortunately, there isn't any way around mice if you want a snake. Once you get used to it, it's not so bad.
I'd recommend corn snakes or ball pythons for children.
Most reptiles are higher maintenance than snakes and would require you to keep live insects.

Grumpbum123 Sat 30-Mar-19 14:24:14

We have a royal python so easy to keep fed a defrosted bred for food and humanely fed rat once a week.

Grumpbum123 Sat 30-Mar-19 14:24:32

Humanely killed

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