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Shop for dog savvy peeps

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mischeif8 Wed 27-Mar-19 23:40:03

OK, i hope this is ok but thought I could pull on the wisdom of mn, long time poster but i run this epic shop aimed at dog trainers and otherwise dog savvy folks that want to help educate joe public on doggy issues with a few random 'in jokes' thrown in for people heavily involved in the dog world.

Its not a massive commercial enterprise, but more for spreading educational messages, if im lucky it might go into my dogs tennis ball habit and cake fund as i literally make pennies off it!

The shop has something for everyone, reactive dog owners, assistance dog handlers, those involved in dog sports and pet dog owners and dog trainers. (Im a trainer and actually am autistic with an owner trained assistance dog if this helps explain anything hugely inappropriate!)

We would love new ideas for the shop and what types of products you would be interested in.

Thank you glorious dog people of MN!

AllGoodDogs Sun 14-Apr-19 21:16:19

Link not working OP.

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