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Getting a dog - puppy or not?

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Mamma1974 Tue 26-Mar-19 14:40:04

The question is do we get a puppy or not?

Up until two years ago, whilst I loved dogs I didn't think I wanted one in our home. My husband loves dogs and grew up with a German Shepherd. We decided to become volunteers for a dog charity to see what it would be like to have a dog living with us and to "give something back". I have to say it's the best thing we have done. It's given me a great insight what life is like with a dog. The downside is that it is becoming harder to say goodbye to the dogs we have had in our home and firmed up the need for us to have a four legged friend as part of our family.

The dogs we have had have always been 12 months plus. Having done lots of research and knowing that an older dog may be better, we are thinking to perhaps go for it fully and get a puppy - male labrador. I know it will be hard work. I guess my question is, how long is it really hard work for? I worried what if I do it wrong?

Chocolateisfab Tue 26-Mar-19 14:43:04

I have had 3 puppies, with young dc I felt it was the best option.
Next additions will be rescues.. Imo depends on the age of any dc.

billybagpuss Tue 26-Mar-19 14:51:22

Billy pup is now 13 months, she came to us at the usual 8/9 weeks or whatever it is. She is now almost very well behaved most of the time.

We have had some moments, DH more than me when we had puppy 'what have we done' moments. You know you're going to have the bitey stage, that doesn't last very long.

The thing is you have done your research. You're experienced with dogs and if DH is used to shepherds then you know what you're getting into. As long as you have the time to commit to the training you will be fine with either.

I think you'd have no problem with a puppy, Billypup has been fairly easy in the grand scheme of things. I went for a puppy because it was our first dog and I thought training a pup would be easier than trying to retrain a rescue, but I would consider a rescue next time.

Mamma1974 Wed 27-Mar-19 12:19:43

Thanks for this. Have come to the conclusion that getting a pup is certainly the right thing - maybe hard work for a while but will be the best thing in the end.

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