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How often do you walk your dogs?

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Luby40 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:47:49

Just for fun!
Come on let's be many times a day do you walk your dog?
I'm not going to judge, I'm just interested 🙂
I try to walk mine twice a day but if I can't I get one of my DC to do it....
I have a friend who walks hers 4 times a day and another friend who doesn't walk it, she thinks the garden is enough so I was wondering what the norm is.....

BiggFactHunt Sat 23-Mar-19 11:53:03

3 times daily in the week, 6.15am, lunchtime and then between 3-4.30ish.

Weekends prob twice a day but they come to the shops and out in the car with me so less distance than in the week but more mentally stimulating places and smells. They aren’t really ever left alone at the weekends either.

FattyFatCakes Sat 23-Mar-19 11:56:17

Wow, I thought mine were fairly spoilt but I only walk them once a day for 1 hour. We do have a big rural garden though and i work (part time) from home so they’re always in and out

TizzyTess Sat 23-Mar-19 11:56:44

DH walks our girly in the am for 30mins. She then comes to work with me (admittedly she pretty much sleeps all day the lazy moo) then she comes to the yard to do the horses.
In the late eve she gets a 1hr30 walk with me or DH (or both) which usually involves 20 mins of ball play because she's a tennis ball maniac.

Occasionally she has to stay home. But DH will always take her out for a long walk in the eve on these days.

At weekends we always try to take her somewhere for a proper walk that is different to her evening ones. Thankfully we have lots of options where we are.

She also has lots to do at home. We 'ditch the bowl' so she gets mental stimulation at home and during the day instead of 'meal times'.

Dogs need exercise, simple as that. Both mental and physical to keep them fit and happy.

ALargeGinPlease Sat 23-Mar-19 12:02:52

Mine get a good hour once a day, all off lead.
I am at home with them, so they are rarely left alone. They either come with me, or go to a neighbour.
Today, they'll come for a bike ride of about 4 miles.

Milicentbystander72 Sat 23-Mar-19 12:04:26

Border Terrier, everyday for hour and a half in the morning without fail.

The only time it's shorter is when it's really hot, then I go out much earlier to the woods for about 45 mins.

BiscuitDrama Sat 23-Mar-19 12:04:43

Depends on the dog breed and personality I’d have thought?
Ours is a lazy greyhound and gets 40 mins in the morning and another 20 if she’ll go in the evening.

TheFaerieQueene Sat 23-Mar-19 12:07:39

2 walks off lead in the woods/hills for 45mins to 1 hour each, every day. Anything less just isn’t enough for her (a high energy Labrador).

InfiniteSheldon Sat 23-Mar-19 12:10:33

Once a day between two and five miles if I carry them mostly off lead. They'd leave home if I tried to make them go out twice! Tbf they are chihuahuas and weigh 2 and 4k.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sat 23-Mar-19 13:13:20

2 longs and one round the block. The two longs total about 3-4 hours.

Luby40 Sat 23-Mar-19 17:22:07

That's some impressive dog walking.....
I agree it depends on breed, we have a medium and a tiny dog but the tiny one needs more (she is 7 yrs younger) our older one would be happy if we ditched the lead and never left the house again!!!
I work from home the majority of the time so they have free run of the garden all day and we are next door to a field so often play fetch......
Sometimes the day just goes though and then I have to get one of our DC to do it.......I'm going to really try and get up earlier and do a long one in the morning, I do in the summer to avoid the heat but I need to do it all year round!!
We've just been on a national trust walk which was about 4 miles and we do this most weekends, both fast asleep now 🐕🐶🐾

Hoppinggreen Sun 24-Mar-19 10:07:20

4 times a day
7-9 ( depending on whether it’s a school day) 35 minutes
2 25 minutes
6. 30 minutes
9. 15 minutes
At weekends we might go for a long one for a couple of hours in which case we go miss the 2 o’clock and if it’s been a really long walk the 6 o’clock might be a garden wee.
We find that this avoids pooing in the garden, which due to dc we prefer

Thatsalovelycuppatea Sun 24-Mar-19 22:51:05

Once a day. I should walk her more but life has just got in the way lately. This week is a quiet week so will make more time!

Still18atheart Sun 24-Mar-19 22:55:53

Small breed 45 ish minutes a day sometimes 30 mins sometimes an hour depending.

But she has lots of play time and run rounds as well

pallisers Sun 24-Mar-19 23:02:55

Mine would walk for hours at a time when younger and a big 1.5 hr walk in an afternoon would do him. now he really isn't happy going for longer than 20 mins and often prefers 10 so I walk him in the morning. the dogwalker takes him out at lunchtime. I walk again at 5ish and the kids or dh usually bring him out just before bed time.

He is in and out of the garden all day though and often has a big chase the stick game in the garden or a race around the house game inside.

If it is snowing or raining he refuses point blank to walk.

D2019 Sun 24-Mar-19 23:05:00

My Alaskan malamute is walked 1 hour with dog Walker and another hour when I get home. Usually out most of the day Saturday and another hour in sunday

Chosennone Sun 24-Mar-19 23:06:03

Medium size bichon/ Cav cross. At least one 45 mins to an hour late morning. Sometimes another half hour to 1 hr 5 ish. One day with the dog walker 2.5 hours.
Weekend varies. Can be 1 half an hour. Or 2 hours if we go somewhere to do a big walk. She can miss a day happily but even 20 mins in bad weather is ok.

JaneEyre07 Sun 24-Mar-19 23:06:28

We're on shorter walks at the moment as our puppy is 5 months but our older dog usually has a routine of a 45 minute walk in the morning, then a quick wander at lunchtime (they come to work with me) and then a 20 minute walk at work or longer if we stop somewhere on the way home. He also gets a lot of ball throwing at home in the garden (ball obsessed spaniel) and they love mooching about outside so the back door is nearly always open.

I love my walking, keeps me sane and blows the cobwebs away.

Bunnybigears Sun 24-Mar-19 23:06:53

3 times a day.
But if its weekends or school hols he may get to come along to whatever we are doing or get a trip to the beach.

Bythebeach Mon 25-Mar-19 06:21:11

Young lab - 1.15 hours off lead which frequently includes a swim plus she’s in and out the garden with the kids playing fetch and ‘tennis’ and then most days she gets another 30 minutes but sometimes neither she nor anyone else fancies it (she’s not keen on rain although sea/puddles/lakes/rivers are her best thing ever confused).

fleshmarketclose Mon 25-Mar-19 06:26:32

Twice a day, every day and sometimes an extra one when the days are long and sunny. Generally walk 5 miles split over the two walks.

BigGreenOlives Mon 25-Mar-19 06:27:10

An hour in the morning, 45-105 mins in the afternoon & round the block at 2130. Usually sometime off lead but one of them is an idiot.

SunshineP Mon 25-Mar-19 06:27:50

I walk my schnauzer for at least and hour off lead in the morning. Quite often it’s 90 minutes. Then for 30 minutes later in the day, then last thing for 20 minutes. She has a big garden to explore and during the day I play with her for around 10 minutes at least once or twice. She is only small but she is very active. I get quite upset about friends dogs who don’t get exercised much or who don’t get the chance to be off the lead somewhere with great opportunities to run and find great scents.

NChangeForNoReason Mon 25-Mar-19 06:28:34

Small Shih Tzu cross - 7yo

Weekdays - we work so she goes to doggy day care and is given a minimum of 1.5hrs off lead walk per day. She is in a home boarding setting so the other time is dedicated to playing with doggy friends.

Weekend - at least once a day, 20mins lead walk by the kids. Sometimes the DH will also take her for a 30min off lead walk.

boxlikeamarchhare Mon 25-Mar-19 06:33:52

At least twice a day, fourteen year old Labrador. One about two miles and one one and a half mile walk.

When she was younger it was still two walks but upwards of five miles a day with a big walk at the weekends, 7-10 miles.

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