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Guinea Pigs & Foxes

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Martini Tue 10-Jul-07 21:04:38

I'd like to get some GPs for the kids but am a bit worried about urban foxes. The GPs would have their hutch indoors but would like them to have an outside run too. Problem is that can't see the garden from the kitchen & don't want to have spend all time supervising the GPs when they are out. However we have a lot of urban foxes near us and from time to time I see them during the day. Can anyone advise about fox proof runs that are suitable for GPs.

HullaBalloo Tue 10-Jul-07 21:12:49

We have 2 GPs who live indoors but go outside in their outdoor run when the weather is nice - they really like to spend the whole day chomping on grass. As` we also get lots of foxes we bought some fairly heavy duty plastic mesh { with large gauge holes in it so they could still get at the grass }from a Garden Centre and stapled it to the underneath of the run and took the excess and stapled it up the sides a bit also for extra protection. The run also has a hutch attached so they can hide in there if neccessary but to be honest they are completely unfazed about a fox being around them and so far the local foxes haven't even tried to get through the run's defences.

Martini Tue 10-Jul-07 21:51:44

I read somewhere that they can get some kind of stomach bloat thing from eating too much rich spring grass! Do you phase them into the grass gently?

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