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Rescue just attacked my face...blood everywhere :-(

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CatGirl123 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:50:18

Hi xx
Rescued a cat three weeks ago. We got her with some history of aggression. She had a kitten and became very possessive over it and aggressive to anyone that went near it. Sadly this kitten died and the cat was neutered. She then went back to her old, loving self but was put up for adoption. Vet said it was hormonal aggression. Whilst in the adoption centre, there were no issues.

The cat is three years old. She has taken to my boyfriend and adores him. I feed her and clean her tray, play with her and give her love...but she is really stuck on my boyfriend (which is quite funny...boyfriend only got her for me and he’s a big, tough builder sort of character, now with this little shadow following him everywhere). When he goes to bed (we sleep separately) she will follow him. She sleeps at the bottom of his bed. If he goes to the bathroom, she’ll wait outside. She will sit on him or near him. Always very flirty with him. I’ve thought this was cute and nothing more.

Tonight - me and my boyfriend were snuggled up watching something scary. We were just having some smoochy time and a giggle, winding each other up at the film. At a particular scary bit, my boyfriend grabbed me for the laugh, I grabbed him, we both laugh/screamed, the guy on the film also screamed and I ended up accidentally hitting my boyfriend in the face in all the drama. The cat saw this and flew out of her cat bed and attacked me....short story is my face is a mess sad I have a long cut down the side of my nose. Two puncture wounds on my forehead and two large scratches down the side of my face. I have cuts on my scalp, shoulders and neck....and it was so bad boyfriend had to get her claws out of my hair afterwards. Everything bled everywhere....all over me, the couch, carpet - boyfriend alarmed and ran and got tissue and then went and got more...never been cut on the was so scary sad x x and it bloody hurts as well!
As I was stood up in a bit of shock the cat was stalking me...when I went to the bathroom, she walked fast behind me as if to be trying to intimidate me.
She was quiet for the rest of the night. I have tried to give her some strokes but she is very tense.
I have been saying to boyfriend....she was just scared....she’s still settling in....she was just defending you. Boyfriend understands but is annoyed I was attacked. His first words were - she has got to go, I will not have this. But now...she’s tucked up beside him in his bed.
After taking a calm and rational approach to I’m feeling angry. I am actually fuming. I woke boyfriend up as wanted to be honest about this....boyfriend says....sleep on it and we’ll see how things are in the morning.
Is it wrong of me to think....tomorrow, I am going to ignore her for punishment?? One thing is for sure - I don’t want to give up on her. I don’t want her going back into adoption (she might not be able to be rehomed after this and so they might then put her down sad)
Just ranting really. And a bit disturbed that I’m now angry at her and thinking that I might just ignore her tomorrow for punishment xx
Boo sad x x

villainousbroodmare Sun 17-Feb-19 02:54:04

Go and get antibiotics today. Cat bites invariably get infected.

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:55:50

Call 111.

CatGirl123 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:57:50

Getting worried.....I do feel really angry and fear I might ignore her or be stroppy around her. I’m a lover of animals and so find these thoughts I am having quite disturbing sad xx it is hard not to be angry - it looks terrible (two important meetings at work this week i’ll have to duck out of (they’ll be no covering up the scratches - I can’t be in front of clients like this)) and it stings and something opens up and bleeds every minute or yeah..... right now I am fuming 😡

CatGirl123 Sun 17-Feb-19 02:58:40

Thanks so much. Didn’t even think that. I will call them tomorrow xx see if antibiotics needed too - thank you so much for your messages - I appreciate that!

differentnameforthis Sun 17-Feb-19 03:26:16

and thinking that I might just ignore her tomorrow for punishment That'll work wonders op! She will completely understand why the person she favours the least is ignoring her and mend her ways! Not

Imagine you have a baby and she attacked it in the same way she did you!

Purpleartichoke Sun 17-Feb-19 03:38:57

First, that level of scratches needs medics attention. You don’t want to end up with scaring on your face.

We had a cat that absolutely adored DH. He had her for about a year before he and I started dating. She became increasingly aggressive towards me the more time I spent in his home. We tried and tried, but she just wouldn’t accept that I lived with them, even when we all moved into a new place together. We eventually had to isolate her completely in a room that only DH ever entered. If he was out of town and anyone else had to feed her, we basically had to throw the food into the room and run. This is not a path I would recommend, but DH was just so attached to that cat and she really did love him. If you have only had the cat a few weeks, I would at least talk to the rescue about options

sunnyaussiegirl Sun 17-Feb-19 03:53:53

A friend of mine had this problem, their cat really loved her DH and barely tolerated her, would attack her sometimes, it was a huge Maine Coon, too!

I am sorry to say it never got better, in the end she got another cat for herself, thankfully the first cat did not attack the new kitten and was totally indifferent to it and my friend

Fetching Sun 17-Feb-19 03:57:58

Get rid.

Fetching Sun 17-Feb-19 04:04:00

Why would you even contemplate keeping an animal that attacked you like that? I know an attacking dog is more likely to cause serious injury and is therefore more of a serious threat, but why would anyone want to share a house with an animal that might attack like this again, even if the injuries it might inflict wouldn't be life threatening?

Justagirlwholovesaboy Sun 17-Feb-19 04:06:21

You are sleeping separately from bf but cat is sleeping with him, this will give her a reason to bond with him over you. This is a rescue cat so will need time and patience, but if you arent in a healthy relationship yourselves the cat won’t understand. Contact the shelter and ask them to rehome it

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 17-Feb-19 04:16:17

You understand nothing about animals if you think that a cat can understand cause and effect and grasp it's being punished by you ignoring it for attacking you last night.

Get it re-homed the poor thing.

CosmicCanary Sun 17-Feb-19 04:23:28

Call 111.

What the hell will this achieve?

Fetching Sun 17-Feb-19 04:30:32

Get it re-homed the poor thing.

Always some muppet implying the OP has brought the attack upon themselves

BrizzleMint Sun 17-Feb-19 04:34:57

What the hell will this achieve?*

The op needs medical attention from ooh service. What dies being rude achieve?

kateandme Sun 17-Feb-19 04:35:11

cat scratched and bites are toxic and more dangerous than you think due to the bacteria they carry.get it washed immediately and be on the looukout for other symtoms.

ChakiraChakra Sun 17-Feb-19 04:37:07

Why would you even contemplate keeping an animal that attacked you like that

Because you understood how it happened, that the cat was scared in the moment and thought she was attacking her BF and defended him? Because that situation was unlikely to happen again? Because there's a high chance if she is rehomed again she'll get worse with insecurity, not better, and be much more likely to be pts?

OP, don't do anything as punishment tomorrow, you had a 15 second window of opportunity to use punishment in a way the cat would link to her actions. If I were you I'd make sure you were the one feeding her every time, stop trying to force cuddles and fusses from you if she doesn't want, do give them if she approaches you wanting them. Any sign of posession over your DP then HE needs to crack down hard on it, chase her away and yell.

kateandme Sun 17-Feb-19 04:37:39

it has only resulted in less harm because of the cats strength and way of the attack.but imagine if a dog has been doing this with your dh then attacked could be in serious condition in hospital right now.fataly so.
this needs serious thought.its esculated and continued to do so and now reached this point?end of the line I think..

CosmicCanary Sun 17-Feb-19 04:38:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Smotheroffive Sun 17-Feb-19 04:41:42

It's almost guaranteed to get infected and far better to take a course of abs and a jab as soon as, at the hospital 111 will know if you give them a call,and your face may need a couple of steri strips if it keeps reopening, but then again, they probably would avoid stitching because of high risk of infection.

I don't know, what the chances of rehab for your dcat is, how very sad.

I won't tolerate any crap off mine, one of them has attacked a ddog that came near to another one and slashed its eye, but I've never heard of it with people!

Call the centre and see what they recommend would be my advice, they know its behaviour and outcome better.

Justagirlwholovesaboy Sun 17-Feb-19 04:42:37

@kateandme but is wasn’t a dog was it? This is like saying what is it was a bus?

Fetching Sun 17-Feb-19 04:42:52

And I should have said this first, but I hope you're not feeling too shaken, OP. What a fucking fright you must have got.

Broken11Girl Sun 17-Feb-19 04:43:30

Right. I'm sure it's not what you want to hear at 4 on a Sat night, but go to A&E. Now. Hopefully you're still awake. Firstly, cuts that are still opening (I'm guessing the incident was several hours ago) need medical attention. They won't close (glue, stitch or steri-strip) cuts after 6ish hours, especially ones that are likely to get infected, and that means horrible scars, which I suspect you won't want on your face. Cat bites and scratches can be very nasty, as cat claws / teeth harbour loads of bacteria. Sepsis can also occur very quickly and be very nasty, and you will need antibiotics and possibly tetanus jab.
As for the cat, make no decision now when you're still upset. I'm guessing she's had a difficult time, do you know any more about her history? I wonder if the scary film and play fighting freaked her out. Cats attack when they're terrified.
You could watch My Cat From Hell, and ask for advice on cat pages/ forums etc.
If it helps, this is my furry miscreant who caused me to bleed more than once in the early days. She'd just freak out if I dared move too quickly etc. Six months later, here she is, will be picked up, kissed and cuddled. She was semi-feral, had had an awful time. There is hope. smileflowers

Fetching Sun 17-Feb-19 04:43:54

This is like saying what is it was a bus?

Which is more like a cat: a dog or a bus?

<ponders deeply>

CosmicCanary Sun 17-Feb-19 04:49:30

Which is more like a cat: a dog or a bus?

Does it matter?

It wasn't a dog or a bus. It was a cat.

Christ MN is ridiculous at times!
Phone 111 for a cat scratch...
Oooh what if it had been a dog...
I am waiting for call 101 and log it with the police!

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