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Two cats moved to new home

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Ldarvell Wed 13-Feb-19 19:10:08

Hi, I’ve just brought two cats to My new home. They’ve been staying with my auntie for several years whilst I worked away. I brought one and then the other a day later.
The first one that came didn’t go to the toilet at all until the second one came.
The second one straightaway used the litter tray which I was happy with but the first one peed on the carpet near to the litter box, and then he later tried to pee there again (after I cleaned it) and then he peed behind my chair.
I’m currently pregnant and so I’m really not happy at the thought of having a cat peeing all over my living room whilst he’s in the adjustment period and I don’t know if he’ll do it afterwards as well.

Any tips?

ScreamingValenta Wed 13-Feb-19 19:13:18

How many trays do you have? 1 per cat plus 1 is recommended. It might be that cat 1 doesn't want to use the same tray as cat 2.

My prima donna girl insists on separate trays for pee and poo so I ended up with 4 trays for 2 cats!

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