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Should I buy my dog a T-shirt

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paprickapaull Tue 12-Feb-19 19:46:12

To all

I have a pet dog and I was wondering if i should buy him a T-shirt for his bday.

Does anyone have any views on the matter? Or, does anyone do this already?

WhiteVixen Tue 12-Feb-19 20:10:41

Has he asked for a T-shirt for his birthday? Or would he prefer a Pets at Home gift card?

XmasPostmanBos Tue 12-Feb-19 20:12:11

I think he would prefer a nice bone.

BornInAThunderstorm Tue 12-Feb-19 20:12:20

Vixen grin

You might be better to get a coat Op. last year we had snow in March, a TShirt may be a bit too chilly. Save it for summer

MaidenMotherCrone Tue 12-Feb-19 20:16:02

T-shirt over a coat is never a good look.

MaidenMotherCrone Tue 12-Feb-19 20:24:36


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