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Rehoming a dog with mrsp

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Kikicrumble Sun 10-Feb-19 14:58:48

I’m new here so not sure ignore I’m doing this right but I need some advice from
Other mums because I know you will understand , my 8 years old family dog has an antibiotic resistant staphylococcus infection , now that means no antibiocs will help , she has had skin lesions that ooze gunk. But otherwise well . I have a 2 year old who won’t stop touching the dog , and then putting her hands i her mouth , now there is a 3 in 10 chance of small children getting this infection due to their immune systems not being great , healthy adults 1/10 chance . I am beside myself , I’m cleaning all the time , I worry my girl will get sick. I am prob going to rehome my dog to a charity who can care for her and her ailment . Would you all do the same for the sake of your child ??? This is the worst thing I have ever had to decide . Xx

Honeyroar Sun 10-Feb-19 15:08:50

I'm not familiar with the condition, but have you had a proper chat with your vet about what treatment could be given? Is it a new thing or has she had it for a long time and it's got worse? How can it be treated/cared for? Is there a treatment? In giving her to a rescue, is there a likelihood that she will find a new home, or is she likely to sit in kennels forever, perhaps at a significant cost to the rescue? I can see your worry for your child, and understand, but at 8, if there is no decent chance of her finding another good home, I think I'd personally have her PTS (saying that as someone with a houseful of rescue animals)..

Kikicrumble Sun 10-Feb-19 15:16:51

Yes we have spoke to the all the vets at the practice , they think to put her down , as it can be passed on to other animals , it’s like a dog version of mrsa kind of . She’s only had it a few months , but as she has a bad immune system due to other conditions it got hold of her ( the infection ) there is no treatment other than to wash her with hibi scrub to keep it from spreading . So long term she will prob get infections when she is run down . She will have the bacterior in her nose and bum to all the time . The charity she would go to will have her at foster home then rehome , it’s a breed specific charity and they are very good , I have used before due to rehoming agressive Dog, they rehabilitate the dogs of unwell . she will have a good life with a new owner who doesn’t have kids or animals . My husband doesn’t want to put her down as the charity have said they will have her . The problem with this infection is if my Daughter got it , it ma be impossible to treat , staph infections are like impetigo , skin boils etc etc . X

zenasfuck Sun 10-Feb-19 15:18:34

Put her to sleep
It isn't fair on her to be passed around and live a life with persistent ongoing infections

Andtheskyisgrey Sun 10-Feb-19 15:24:10

I think you have misunderstood the risk of you and your children catching it. Staph. pseudintermedius rarely transmits to people, the human equivalent is Staph. aureus. I assume you have just googled and read an article saying that on a risk scale of 1-10 where 1 is low and 10 is high, the risk to adults is 1 and for children/immunocompromised it is 3. That does not mean 3 in 10 will get it.

MRSP can absolutely be treated. You need the right antibiotics (e.g. Doxycycline), which may not be the ones vets will select for most routine skin infections. Plus skin washes containing chlorhexidine.

Please speak with your vet again.

Kikicrumble Sun 10-Feb-19 15:30:04

The vets seem to all be concerned about my daughter being around it . ? Which has made me very anxious , saying to keep her away from my dog , they have tried both types of antibiocs ? We’re going to see if last lot worked and if negative that’s great but they don’t seem to convinced it will be ? I asked what the long term outcome will be and they honestly
Seem to think to put her down ? Oh my god if I’m making a big mistake il never forgive myself
. I have read a lot on the internet and it Doesn’t seem to make out that it’s that bad . And it is low risk but low risk doesn’t mean no risk .im going to the vets on Friday for a skin test , after the last lot of Do you think I should go to another vet practice ?

Kikicrumble Sun 10-Feb-19 15:32:18

I know it doesn’t mean 3 in 10 will get it , I know that but it’s a risk . And would I be at bad mum if I allowed that risk ?

Honeyroar Sun 10-Feb-19 19:16:01

Are the charity not being a bit over optimistic? Will she really have a good life if she is likely to keep getting this bug every time she gets run down, and if she has other conditions to manage. Plus she can't really socialise with other dogs. I think that I'm sadly with the vets on this one.

YogaWannabe Mon 18-Feb-19 10:05:38

What an awful situation to be in.
Do you think the vet meant to keep your daughter from poking at the dogs wounds for the dogs sake?

I can’t even stand to think how I’d feel in that situation, first I would try to teach DD not to be at the dog as he is sick.
I wouldn’t rehom but depending on what is best for ddog I might put to sleep sad

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