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Pet insurance-can't afford 😢

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Ella1980 Wed 06-Feb-19 14:48:58

Hi all
Five years ago I rehomed a rescue dog. She was the oldest in kennels and had also been there the longest. She had been to quite a few new homes but kept being returned because she pulls a lot on the lead/was aggressive towards other dogs etc.
Well she has been a delight to have and great with my boys. She and my partner are inseparable.
Problem is I've suddenly lost my job unexpectedly and we have had to cancel her insurance as it was £47 a month we now can't afford. She needs teeth removing but it would be almost £1000-again, money we haven't got. Also vet identified an issue with her liver and wants to start medication at £300 per month-we can't afford this.
What to do? We think she's about 12. Not in pain, very happy and still loves her very long walks ☺

mansneverhot Wed 06-Feb-19 14:50:32

Blue Cross / PDSA. You may need to travel a fair distance to the nearest clinic but will still be far cheaper.

Ella1980 Wed 06-Feb-19 14:51:50

We don't meet the threshold because we are not on benefits (my partner works ft).

Honeyroar Wed 06-Feb-19 14:54:45

What size/type of dog is she? What is the liver condition/medicine? Does the vet know you've no longer insurance? I'm presuming you've tried other companies for quotes (that sounds really expensive!). Sorry for the 20 questions. I'm trying to get more of the picture..

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Feb-19 14:56:26

Can you get a prescription and buy medication online? Careful where from.
£1000 for teeth? I would want a breakdown of that. Tooth pain is awful though and can’t be left.
Is there an alternative medication?
Is there another job on the horizon? Could a credit card tide you over if you knew you would be working soon again? Again caution!
Payment plan with the vet?
Can the rescue help out in any way?
Unfortunately sometimes when we can least afford it it’s when we most need pet insurance. sad

Ella1980 Wed 06-Feb-19 14:57:15

That's OK. Cross breed Irish terrier. Yes, spent ages shopping around and that's by fat the cheapest because of her age. Only a mild liver issue with raised levels but an anesthetic risk because of it so vet has declined twice in the past to remove the teeth that need it 😢

Amicompletelyinsane Wed 06-Feb-19 15:00:02

That's quote sounds huge for a dental. I'm a vet nurse and I've never seen a dental bill that high! What do they plan to do! Is the liver medication supportive treatment, she's no spring chicken and sometimes I wonder how much medication and treatment I'd put my own pet through. Is she in pain with liver issue?

Honeyroar Wed 06-Feb-19 15:17:07

It might be worth speaking to another vet practice, getting a quote from them. I did that once when I'd been quoted £300 for something, and the second vet charged £120..

The liver issue might be able to wait a couple of months until you're back on your feet, heck even the dental may? None of it sounds like emergency treatment just now.

Beamur Wed 06-Feb-19 16:46:39

I think you need to see a different vet.
Rather than insurance I pay for a healthy pet plan at my vet. It covers all vaccination costs, ,2 check ups a year, fixed price dental work and 20% discount on any medication for about £10 a Month .

MMMMMaria Fri 08-Feb-19 09:36:31

First question to ask is how urgent is the treatment. Is your dog in pain? Can it wait?
Second is to do as others have said, get a second opinion from another vet. They can vary hugely.
I also would take on board the vet nurse comment of taking into account the age of the dog, keep it comfortable and out of pain but don’t do lots of interventions/treatment. Sometime less is better.
Good luck, I know it isn’t clear or easy but trust your knowledge of your pet to make the right decisions.

CatnissEverdene Fri 08-Feb-19 09:38:43

Could you contact the rescue where you got her from?

I'm sure they'd help with treatment rather than having the dog back.

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