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Are you allergic to your cat?

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danceyourselfsilly Wed 30-Jan-19 09:36:54

Just looking for advice - we lost our beloved dog at Xmas and we miss him terribly. Not looking to replace him with another one however.... my DD (14) is an only child and I really feel for her. I had a dog growing up who I used to tell all my problems to, cry on, etc he was my rock. So... I have been wondering about getting a cat, which is not the same as a dog I know but it is something to love and give love - maybe even a rescue cat? We live opposite a park, very quite road, enclosed back garden. Only problem DD and I are allergic to cats ! So I know it might seem crazy but are you allergic to your cat, I have read some breeds are not so bad.... do you get immune after time etc etc etc

danceyourselfsilly Wed 30-Jan-19 09:37:21

quiet road!

MysteryNameChange Wed 30-Jan-19 09:38:35

You can get hypoallergenic breeds. I'm very allergic to cats but would still get one in the future.

Frosty66611 Wed 30-Jan-19 09:39:25

I’m not but my partner is and he feels like he constantly has a cold when he’s at home. It has gotten a little better over the years but he still suffers and can’t have the cat sitting on him. If you do get one then go for a short haired breed (although, saying that, my mum had a short haired moggy who used to shed hair everywhere and made her sneeze all the time)

NotSoThinLizzy Wed 30-Jan-19 09:50:16

I'm allergic and I have 2 cats 😂 I take medication to cope with the symptoms

danceyourselfsilly Wed 30-Jan-19 09:54:42

thanks for your replies
Frosty I did read that short haired cats can be worse because long haired ones keep their dead skin and saliva from falling out so much!
nice - hope you're not eating breakfast!

Frosty66611 Wed 30-Jan-19 09:59:48

We have a Maine coon (long haired) and his shedding fur is a bloody nightmare. We are always covered in it and have to hoover the house twice a day. Some long haired breeds might shed less though, like you say, so definitely worth checking them out

LucyInTheSkyy Wed 30-Jan-19 10:01:41

Very allergic.
Have 2.
Now down to antihistamines only 1/2 times per week. Suffered badly at the beginning but medication worked wonders.
Still get skin flare ups if they catch me with their claws.
Best decision ever was to get them though. Do it!

Bombardier25966 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:10:53

Allergic, had a few serious asthma attacks at first (took him in as a favour to a friend), but they stopped with medication and now I take antihistamines occasionally, not everyday, and my asthma can flare up if he's been lying in my space in bed, but easily controlled.

It's no exaggeration to say that he saved my life, he has kept me going through the worst of times. Do it!

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Wed 30-Jan-19 10:25:01

I'm allergic but have lived with cats for the last 25 years. I find I get used to individual cats and they don't affect me as much. I do have to avoid being licked or scratched still, and if one of them dribbles on DH's chin (happens surprisingly often, she loves his stubble) and he kisses me later, I'll come out in a rash. It's really not a bother though and they're totally worth it.

danceyourselfsilly Wed 30-Jan-19 10:54:25

ok thanks that's really useful
Frosty that sounds like hard work - not sure I could hoover twice a week let alone twice a day!

Modestandatinybitsexy Wed 30-Jan-19 11:22:36

Growing up we always had cats. When I came home from uni for the holidays my eyes would itch and I sneezed a lot. That's when we figured out I'm allergic to cats. When it was bad I would take an antihistamine.

I now have two of my own cats and it doesn't affect me. I don't have to do anything like extra hoovering to minimise.

I think it depends on how allergic you are as to whether you'll adjust.

dameofdilemma Wed 30-Jan-19 12:09:08

I am (we didn't know when we got the cat but I found out as part of allergy testing for eczema). Its the cat dander for me, not sure if you can get a cat without dander!

I have to limit contact with the cat, can't have him sit on me, limit how much I stroke him etc. Dp and dd wanted the cat and they mostly look after him.

We have the Dyson hoover and have to regularly hoover areas of carpet or furniture where the cat like to hang out. We also have an air purifier in the living room as I found it worst there in the evenings.
Cat has to stay out of the bedrooms so have to be vigilant about keeping doors closed.

My symptoms are ok, bit worse in Winter as the cat is indoors more.

I don't regret getting the cat as dd and dp really wanted it.
BUT if dd had been allergic I wouldn't have got one. Most cats like attention and if two people in the house have to limit contact with the cat, will it feel ignored?

danceyourselfsilly Wed 30-Jan-19 12:32:50

that's really useful thanks
maybe I could hire one to try it out for a week! grin

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