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Dog not feeling well after surgery help

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EvelynAM Tue 22-Jan-19 18:36:25

Hello all! I have one female husky that is 13 years all. She was fine, but she had some vaginal tumours and mastitis. She had surgery to remove the tumours and after 12 hours she was fine, she woke up, had some wet pet food and water. After two days she stopped eating and after four days she stopped walking, the doctor first gave her some food injections, while she was still able to walk, now she is on IV. They said the operation was fine and that she is healing well, but it is worrying that she is not walking or eating. I don't know what to do. Did someone experience something similar? My other dog had a similar background, a mastitis surgery one year ago and she recuperated very well.

BiteyShark Tue 22-Jan-19 18:41:57

My dog often take days to recover from surgery but differently to your dog. Mine typically doesn't eat and when he does it's really bad diarrhoea for days which usually needs treating.

The not eating wouldn't worry me too much but the not walking would. Do you think she is pain still? Is she still on painkillers, antibiotics etc.

You know your dog the best and if you don't think things are right then keep pushing them to look at what is wrong.

EvelynAM Wed 23-Jan-19 11:29:35

Thank you for your reply! She does not look in pain, she feels her pack paws when I touch them and she moves them. We are gentle with her when we move her, but she does not look in pain, she sleeps ok but the fact that she does not stand worries me. We took her to the vet today as well, she had some food, but not much and she still looks lethargic. She is on IV again, but hopefully, when we pick her up she will be able to stand at least for a bit. The doctor said her liver is not doing well because of the medicine. I am desperate to find out what is wrong with her. Hopefully, she gets better and it is just a longer recovery process.

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