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Hamster prognosis not good - how to tell 4 year old DD

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probablynotrelevant Tue 22-Jan-19 13:59:41

Just got back from the vets, our beautiful little russian dwarf hamster has possibly got a cyst on her liver or kidneys. Prognosis is not good. She is only 6 months old. Apparently this can happen in young hamsters. Currently giving pain relief, but only as palliative care. Vet said they could do investigative xrays etc, but there is a chance hamster might not wake up, (plus its lots of money), or there woukd still be nothing they could do, as draining the cyst, they can come back within 24 hours.

She is such a sweet hamster, I am very upset. But more worried about how the hell to handle this with my 4 year old DD, who the hamster belongs to. What do I do? She loves this hamster, has learnt to handle her very well, looks after her, and the hamster has the best temperament of any hamster I have ever known. Its just so unfair on the poor little thing, and my poor DD.

TiddleTaddleTat Tue 22-Jan-19 14:08:22

Sorry to hear about your little hamster. Sadly, this happens a great deal and it can be very expensive and difficult to treat cysts and tumours in small animals.
Your DD will be upset to lose her pet, and it will help her learn about life by experiencing this. I had many small pet animals when I was little and they died often! We learned to appreciate them while they were healthy.

jenthelibrarian Tue 22-Jan-19 14:09:12

I am very sorry, DD, that dear little Fluffy is very, very poorly. She has been to see the vet but she is so tiny and so ill that the vet is very worried about her and is sorry that they might not be able to make her better.
We have medicine for Fluffy to make sure that she is not in pain, but sadly we think Fluffy is going to die.

I had to explain the still-birth of a much wanted baby cousin to my DD when she was four. I think it's best to be frank and honest and use unambiguous language, and be ready to answer lots and lots of questions.

My sympathy and love to you, your child and your pet.

probablynotrelevant Tue 22-Jan-19 15:06:53

Thank you for the sympathy. It doesn't matter how tiny or big they are, its so hard to lose them.

I have told her. She is very upset, I am not sure how the next fews days are going to pan out, but I want to be honest with her. Such a shame, this little hamster is honestly the sweetest little thing. Going to miss her terribly.

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