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Cat supplements for dry skin.

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Raven88 Tue 22-Jan-19 10:20:05

I posted last week about my cats hair loss, just back from the vet and he thinks it's an allergic reaction and she has over groomed it because it's itchy and dry. He gave us a cream. No fleas or mites thankfully. But she will be only using the vet flea treatment as it sounds as if the spot on caused it.

He suggested an oil supplement for her as she has dandruff, Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind price, food is a hard one because she is fussy and will only eat small biscuits and the wet food has to be small and textured like meat or she will eat a pate one.

I know I've created a monster with her fussy eating. grin

Toddlerteaplease Wed 23-Jan-19 19:07:55

I use salmon oil from zooplus. A few dood makes a massive difference.

Raven88 Wed 23-Jan-19 19:38:49

Thanks, I'll try that.

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