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Male cat with problem ear

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greyjay Sun 20-Jan-19 22:30:58

Cat with one ear partially torn off came to my back yard and ate my cat's food one night. Now he visits every two or three days a week. I have noticed that his partially torn off ear has a red puffy bag (looks like blood) inside the ear that is left. Does anyone know how to treat this ear problem?


Toddlerteaplease Mon 21-Jan-19 02:56:28

Do you know if he had an owner? Could you catch him and take him to a vet to scan for a chip?

abbsisspartacus Mon 21-Jan-19 03:08:01

It's possibly a blood blister type thing does it have an owner?

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Mon 28-Jan-19 14:32:53

If it is not an infection, just clean blood, it will probably dry up but always stay a slightly thick deformity on his ear (my dog had this). If he's a stray and you could catch him and take him to a vet that would be better. In my borough there is a group of catowners for the borough on facebook and they have members who are keen to help people catch stray cats they are worried about and find owners/rehome them. Maybe there is a group local to you? (if you are in waltham forest - unlikely - it is called waltham forest for cats - we've got a dog one too).

81Byerley Sun 10-Feb-19 10:37:22

My cat had this after a fight. They had to drain it. They said the weight of it would be very uncomfortable. The first op didn't work, it filled up again. The 2nd time they sewed in rows of stitches to stop it refilling. She's now got a very pretty folded over ear.

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