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Deaf dogs

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spot102 Thu 17-Jan-19 16:09:50

'A deaf dog can be a liability to itself and those around it and demands more help than most owners could provide.'

Just found the above sentence on a breed website, seemed very negative. My research suggested reasonable adjustments need to be made, but otherwise reasonably positive.

Anyone else have any experience? I'm feeling I may have missed something somewhere!

Nesssie Thu 17-Jan-19 16:14:14

I guess liability if it doesn't hear you calling and runs into traffic, or up to someone/thing it shouldn't. Children/adults need to be made aware not to make the dog jump.

Yes you need to make some adjustments but deaf dogs are not particularly hard to have.

spot102 Thu 17-Jan-19 16:18:32

Yes, that was my understanding, hence was a bit bemused!

Meant to post this in the doghouse , though. Have re-started thread there.

Celebelly Thu 17-Jan-19 16:18:40

That's a bit doom and gloom! Deaf dogs can manage very well. They can respond to hand signals as opposed to verbal commands and things like touch and can live perfectly full lives. You have to adjust for the fact you can't call them back quickly in an emergency verbally, but then plenty of non-deaf dogs have bad recall grin And there are other ways of handling that too such as long leads or vibrating collars.

Dogs who become deaf later in life can find it a bit more challenging, but our old girl was deaf as a post at the end and we just to adjust slightly to make sure we were always in her sight lines when out, and rely on gentle touch to get her attention. Having another dog helped too as she took her cues from her sometimes (even though she couldn't hear doorbell, when it went and our other dog started barking, she would join in when she noticed grin)

spot102 Mon 21-Jan-19 16:56:49

Yes, have had much experience of dogs reluctant to recall and ones not allowed off a lead, in comparison to which current dog (Spot2, who is deaf) is a doddle. Bit surprised to see such a negative comment on the breed website though, and now wondering if she is going to turn into some sort of raging nightmare!!

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