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My little pug

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veganloves Tue 08-Jan-19 22:37:17

I need some advice. I have a little pug who absolutely hates going out now since she's old and lazy. I have always used the dog mats (puppy mats) through the nights incase she needed to go . Placed in the hallway. She would also occasionally poop on the mat. Now this has never been a big deal a simple clean up and new mat placed was sufficient. However now she absolutely REFUSES to leave the house and she is old and I get it. I put her in her buggy to get her out but she can be stubborn when we get to the park. Moral of the story she is using the mats now on a regular basis and I'm afraid of becoming nose blind! I clean up and disinfect all the time. When I came home from work this evening i felt as though the air wasn't fresh and there was no mess on the mat or anywhere infact.

I need help any top tips on how to rid any lingering smells. (Opening Windows is an obvious) but I'm talking products best to use.

I would also add I have moved the mat so she only goes outside but I fully understand the saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks now.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 09-Jan-19 17:55:37

Try reposting this on The Doghouse section for more responses.

Veterinari Wed 09-Jan-19 18:00:09

She needs a vet check. If she’s Refusing to walk the chances are she has arthritis and is in chronic pain - this can be treated with painkillers

veganloves Wed 09-Jan-19 19:06:35

@Veterinari no she's vet checked on a regular basis she's fine health wise.

And thank you @mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork I have reposted in the doghouse.

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