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Please can anyone suggest a pet for a 9 yearold girl

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3littlefrogs Tue 26-Jun-07 21:24:24

It has to be small, low maintenance, and able to live in dd's bedroom in crowded, noisy cluttered house in a built up area.

Ds is allergic to cats, can't have a dog as I work F/T and wouldn't leave it in house all day. I simply cannot keep a goldfish alive, in spite of spending a small fortune on the necessary equipment etc.

DD wants something of her own to love - 2 parents and 2 teenage brothers are not adequate.
I had guinea pigs as a child, but wouldn't fancy keeping one in a bedroom.

It is a tall order, I know, but does anyone have any ideas??

yorkshirepudding Tue 26-Jun-07 21:25:10

Message withdrawn

Spider Tue 26-Jun-07 21:26:18

My dd who is 8 has stick insects. They absolutely thrive on neglect I tell you. They live in a box with some privet and/or Ivy which they eat. You put a few sticks in there so they can enjoy disguising themselves against them, and you change it all every week or two. So simple.

The only problem is that with the best will in the world I wouldn't call them loveable.

Marne Tue 26-Jun-07 21:28:17

A rat

Hulababy Tue 26-Jun-07 21:29:18

Gerbils. They are cheap, can be kept in smallish cage, are very clean and unsmelly, and take very little looking after.

Rumpel Tue 26-Jun-07 21:30:19

A rat - great pets - you can train them to do tricks, very affectionate,live for about 3 years and will play in the day unlike hamsters which are nocturnal. Just make sure she washes her hands after handling (but you would anyway).

3littlefrogs Tue 26-Jun-07 21:30:19

Sea monkeys have been tried many years ago when teenagers were younger - limited success I think - but thanks for the suggestion.

Now stick insects might be a possibility - my garden is overrun with ivy....

However, teenagers might not be able to resist the temptation to let them out. Not sure how she would feel about creepy crawlies. Will think about that.

Troutpout Tue 26-Jun-07 21:32:33

ds is 10 and has just got a hamster.He keeps it in his bedroom. Makes a lot of racket at night but doesn't seem to wake him.
Fairly low maintenance ...he does a big clean out once a week..and just cleans out any unsavory poo/wee corners during the week...and tops up food.
Very playful...he plays with him every day

Menarefrommars Tue 26-Jun-07 21:33:39

Word of warning. Anything such as hamsters/gerbils/rats/mice are nocturnal and will keep DD awake. Believe me - I speak from experience - nightmare!!!!

Goldfish will survive in a nice bowl, with a plant to oxygenate the water and a small amount of food each day (you don't need fancy bowls/equipment etc)

yorkshirepudding Tue 26-Jun-07 21:33:45

Message withdrawn

3littlefrogs Tue 26-Jun-07 21:34:40

I thought about a rat - but do they need a lot of exercise??

Are gerbils nocturnal?

I have to go and get DH some dinner - he has just got in from work - but I will be back later. Thanks everyone for responding.

MN really is a fantastic resource

Hulababy Tue 26-Jun-07 21:34:57

Gerbils are not nocturnal.

Ulysees Tue 26-Jun-07 21:35:27

Dss have their gps in the bedroom at ex's house.....I couldn't take them But they're clean and don't smell as long as cleaned out regularly. Bit boring though IMO.
What about a tarantula? Or rat they're really intelligent?

Ulysees Tue 26-Jun-07 21:35:59

Oh someone already said a rat, I'd love one of those, they make great pets.

Ulysees Tue 26-Jun-07 21:36:59

Oh, rats only live 3 years NO, not for me then.

Sorry not hijacking just interested

Rumpel Tue 26-Jun-07 21:37:24

I used to let my rat out to run about for a couple of hours a day. He used to sit on my shoulder and talk in my ear! Loved him dearly - he had a stroke He was quiet at night.

NoNoNoNo Tue 26-Jun-07 21:39:35

leopard gecko

Easy, exotic, don't need special lights, nocturnal but quiet, eat crickets, and if your 9yo is patient and gentle, the gecko will be happy to interact

3littlefrogs Wed 27-Jun-07 08:48:00

Thanks for all the ideas. Will give it some thought and hopefully make a decision after our summer holiday.

ratclare Wed 27-Jun-07 12:52:35

ferret ,they are great fun and can be really affectionate ,get a male ,they tend to be friendlier , you can have their scent glands removed so they arnt as smelly ,although if you keep them clean they shouldnt smell bad. I quite like the smell to be honest ,ive smelt worse aftershave !

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