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Normalnorman Tue 25-Dec-18 03:42:42

Link to TrustPilot reviews for Vets4Pets for general reference.

Not one for getting swept up and carried away with a disgruntled customer posting online reviews but this is far more than typical griping and grumbling.

Twitter and Facebook pages an endless stream of similar concerns and complaints and Vets4Pets does not appear to give a shit angry

Whatsnewwithyou Tue 25-Dec-18 03:48:27

My goodness there does seem to be a terrible pattern there. How sad and distressing for all those people and pets.

Normalnorman Tue 25-Dec-18 03:55:18

Dreadful. What's even worse is when you see the same pattern on their social media pages and they just keep copying and pasting the same thing "We are sorry to hear you were not happy / please email customer services"

AnotherOriginalUsername Tue 25-Dec-18 04:02:12

I've just had a quick scan through and to be honest most of them don't seem like "genuine" complaints - most are about money (shock horror, private medical care costs money) and other minor gripes (puppy given opiate pain relief which sedated it - standard side effect from a necessary drug)

V4P is a franchise so they will vary significantly depending on who runs them

Whatsnewwithyou Tue 25-Dec-18 06:21:33

The local vets we take our animals to get extremely good reviews with very few exceptions - yes some of the exceptions are about money but.most people understand that vet care is costly. The vets4pets reviews differ so much from what good vets receive in terms of percentage of bad revuews that there must be a serious problem throughout the franchise.

PlayingGrownUp Tue 25-Dec-18 06:27:42

Ours is amazing. I couldn’t recommend them enough. When our cat was hit by a car at 10pm at night we called their out of hours and the vet came straight in, had xrays and tests done by 11pm and then had him through the necessary surgery the next afternoon. Shattered pelvis, broken leg and other injuries. They had him in for a week, organised visiting hours so we could see him,6 follow up appointments, antibiotics and painkillers for £759 (our own fault we had no insurance) and offered to set up a payment plan.

I think it comes down to the vet in charge of the practice.

AnarchyKitty Tue 25-Dec-18 06:33:54

Unfortunately V4P are quite corporate and have sales led targets to meet. The Vets and Nurses are fab but are under pressure from Head Office . The way they can treat staff is awful.

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