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Help? To euthanize cat or let die naturally at some point? Vetergesic?

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SabahAndHerDaughter Sun 23-Dec-18 00:43:54

Please, any advice or opinions are welcome - preferably from someone who has either experienced euthanizing their cat, or has had the choice. Long story short, our cat was suddenly diagnosed with cancer 48 hours ago and told we should put him down tomorrow. Obviously this is a huge shock but the vet seems to think it’s best we euthanize. It’s kidney cancer, now lymphoma, he’s been on antibiotics/anti-sickness & painkiller Vetergesic (anyone know this?) for 2-3 days now. He is lethargic, not moving all day, lying still but not closing eyes - eyes are wide open and staring into space (is this the painkiller? Or cancer? We don’t know), but the worst concern is that he is unable to eat.. he hasn’t eaten anything in 2 whole days now and before that, was having about 3 chunks of meat for a few days. We are worried he will starve to death if we don’t euthanize him and the vet recommended it due to his complete change in personality (he’s usually so interested in everything and cuddly, and he’s just staring straight completely not phased by anything even his treats or brother), and his weakness in his body, along with the fact that his cancer has spread everywhere. But saying this, he isn’t struggling or seems to be suffering at all visually. He is just lying there eyes open, but not actively suffering? Help????

chatwoo Sun 23-Dec-18 01:09:19

Poor cat sad. Please make preparations to have him put to slee. His behaviour and lack of appetite shows he is suffering.

It's a horrible thing to have to do, but if sounds like it will be in the cat's best interests flowers flowers

Greensleeves Sun 23-Dec-18 01:10:14

OP is not being selfish, she is asking for advice on what to do for the best. It's a good thing that people don't take these decisions lightly. There is NO need to be mean or aggressive about it!

I agree that it's time to have him PTS. flowers

user1471453601 Sun 23-Dec-18 01:10:56

I've had cats and dogs for pretty much all my life, and have made this decision more times than I cared to. If your cat has stopped eating, he is ready to go imo.
Let him go, as others have said, it's the last ( and hardest) kindness you can do for an animal who has been a loving companion. The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the years of love they give us

QuestionableMouse Sun 23-Dec-18 01:14:58

Not eating is a massive sign so I'd say you're doing the right thing.

They really have no concept of death and will have no fear.

I'm sorry.

AaaaaaarghhhWhereAreMyKeys Sun 23-Dec-18 01:20:14

Hi :-) So sorry to hear about your cat. We went through similar with ours not long ago and I know how hard it is to see them suffer. It sounds like you already know that it is time....if he is no longer enjoying life, not eating, drinking etc. You won’t regret taking him in too soon although you will if you leave it too late. It’s so so hard to say goodbye but, as pip said, it’s the kindest thing you can do and he will thank you for it if he could. My only regret with my cat is not doing it sooner. Xx

LaylaAndHerDaughter Sun 23-Dec-18 11:30:51

Thanks everyone. The vet is on her way now to euthanize him, she’s two minutes away. Thanks for all the messages (aggressive or not) that helped me to understand it’s the right thing.

StartingGrid Sun 23-Dec-18 11:33:41

Wishing your baby a peaceful passing, sorry for the circumstances flowers

DonDrapersOldFashioned Sun 23-Dec-18 11:37:25

By the time he slips away ‘naturally’, he is highly likely to be suffering unbearably. I know it is a heartbreaking decision to have to make, especially so soon after getting such devastating news but please do minimise his suffering and euthanise. We had to make a similar decision this year and it was agony for us but it was the right thing for him. Take care

ginyogarepeat Sun 23-Dec-18 11:43:42

It is the right thing OP, but having been there myself in recent years, it's not an easy decision to make, but is definitely the kindest option.

As this has all happened so quickly, you'll be in a state of shock so be kind to yourself and take your time healing. In time you'll remember the good memories thanks x

tazzle22 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:45:03

Hard but kind decision.... hope it's a peaceful procedure. Here's a hand hold ( we need an icon for this !) For you both.

FrankieChips Sun 23-Dec-18 11:48:35

So sorry you’ve had to make this decision. It’s incredibly hard. @ginyogarepeat said it better than I could flowers

norfolkandchanceyou Sun 23-Dec-18 13:00:42

Hugs to you and family.

I lost 2 of my cats this year and the tough decision to let them go never gets any easier but I know I did it for them not me thanks

Urbanbeetler Sun 23-Dec-18 13:03:51

So sorry you have lost your little friend. You did the right thing, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for you and her brother.

subspace Mon 31-Dec-18 18:07:15


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