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Best cat food

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Lamenameagain Fri 21-Dec-18 14:52:40

I have recently been given a 10 year old cat after his owner moved abroad so can't really ask her any questions about his previous diet.

I live in a small flat and am struggling with the fact he does incredibly smelly, fairly frequent poos. He always goes in the middle of the night too so I am woken to the stench of cat poop.

I've decided to look at his diet and have realised that the whiskas I've been feeding him is not very nutritious for a cat and is probably part of the reason for the awful smell. I don't want to go down the dry cat food route as I think at 10 it'll be too difficult an adjustment for him . I've tried him on some more pricey wet food which he loves but carries out of the kitchen to eat on my lounge floor!

Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

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