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Stinky cat

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SplishSplashSplosh Sat 15-Dec-18 17:23:08

We have recently brought a cat home that needed a new home.

He's pretty good but he stinks!!! He was brought home in his carrier and then we left him in the carrier for about half an hour to let my toddler daughter get all her excitement out the way.

Anyway, in this time he was obviously sitting I his wee and days later, he still stinks.

What can I do to freshen him up a bit? My previous cat allowed me to bathe him but I Daren't with this one.

Any ideas??

Snowwontbelong Sat 15-Dec-18 17:24:17

Pet wipes from pets at home.

For tonight baby wipes!!

bionicnemonic Sat 15-Dec-18 17:24:24

Pet shops have cleaning wipes?

Snowwontbelong Sat 15-Dec-18 17:33:57

I use them on ddog who is too big to get into the bath!!

ScreamingValenta Sat 15-Dec-18 17:38:46

Yes, buy some cat wipes. The smell will go anyway as he washes himself over time, but cat wipes should deal with it more promptly.

SplishSplashSplosh Sat 15-Dec-18 17:51:18


I.shall go to the pet shop very first thing tomorrow lol

Skipuation Sat 15-Dec-18 17:52:38

Brushing as well will help remove debris and encourage him to wash.

Fromage Sat 15-Dec-18 18:15:19

Did you know Phoebe Buffay wrote a song about you, OP?

Toddlerteaplease Wed 19-Dec-18 00:27:10

I bought some pet heads dry shampoo for my smelly rescue cat. Worked a treat. She smelled of raspberry lemonade. 🤔

BadgerWithSprouts Wed 19-Dec-18 00:28:28

Whaaat arrrrre they feeding yooooouuu?

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