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My cat fell out the window!

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DivaThreadKiller Fri 22-Jun-07 18:12:07

She's been sitting in our (second floor) windows since the weather got better. Yesterday she got over confident and fell out while swatting at flies. I know she fell and didn't jump because of the scraping sound as she went out.

I nearly went into labor right then and there. Poor DH thought I had as I screamed bloody murder!

She's okay, has a little limp but has no problem jumping up on the bed or table. Not as keen to jump down just now.

Scared the living crap out of me and now I'm in a quandry. I will need to open windows this summer - what do I do about her? I'd LOVE to believe she's learned her lesson but really, what are the odds? With all those lovely chirping birdies outside?


Whoooosh Fri 22-Jun-07 18:14:17

You can't let yourslef boil to death-you will need the windows open at some point .

Hopefully she will have learned the lesson and if not,she can fall another 7 times before you need t worry

Tickle Fri 22-Jun-07 18:14:57

Sound like she was a lucky girl! She might have learned a lesson, but what about a screen on the window? At the vets I used to work in, this was quite a common problem actually, with smashed jaw being a nasty side effect

DivaThreadKiller Fri 22-Jun-07 18:20:36

LOL Whooosh!

Tickle, it's a rental, terrace house flat - we'd have to screen a lot of windows. But yeah, gotta do something.

Come to think of it, she was a stray when I got her - a tiny baby with a bloody, sore jaw. Wonder if that's what happened to her to start with? Dumb cat. but god, I love her so!

Whoooosh Fri 22-Jun-07 18:22:26

My response sounded a bit flippant and wasn't meant to be....cats are onthe whole not stupid and I am sure she will have learned her lesson.
The screen is an excellent idea but if not feasible then maybe opent the windows a little at a time-or keep her downstairs?

DivaThreadKiller Fri 22-Jun-07 18:35:29

Whooosh, I took it how you meant it, I hope. I laughed!

We only have the upstairs, scary smoking man has the downstairs, so that's not an option. Today we have a couple of windows open just a few inches. Better than nothing, eh?

chocolateteapot Fri 22-Jun-07 18:40:07

Mine did this as well, when I was also pregnant, but from the first floor. I will never forget the look of suprise as she slipped, sort of managed to hold on with her paws for a moment then let go ! She did actually learn her lesson and never did it again.

KerryMum Fri 22-Jun-07 18:50:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whoooosh Fri 22-Jun-07 20:14:17

That's 'cos we don't have as many nasty flyee things as you do

DivaSkyChick Sat 23-Jun-07 07:59:21


No one seems to have screens here in London. Well at least in Fulham. I've walked the neighborhoods in search of a single house with them and not found a single one.

We had them occasionally in Los Angeles but we didn't really have mosquitoes there. Where do you live?

NotQuiteCockney Sat 23-Jun-07 08:01:03

We have a mezannine type thing in our house, with beams over it. The cats love the beams, and every so often fall of one, or off the railing. So far, they've not been injured by doing this, and hopefully are learning their lesson ...

KerryMum Sat 23-Jun-07 10:37:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DivaSkyChick Sat 23-Jun-07 11:48:38

Oh I was on Union Street and Larkin for a few years, my family is all San Francisco Bay Area. LOVE it! And yeah, lots of screens (altho no mosquitoes there, either!)

Chloe the cat didn't hesitate to jump into a window today. Watched her for a few minutes as it seemed she might keep her back end IN the house but the "call of the wild" (okay, it was a pigeon) is too great.

All windows closed for now.

KerryMum Sat 23-Jun-07 12:14:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Radley Sat 23-Jun-07 12:37:39


TBH I wouldn't worry, I have 3 cats and they all jump/fall out of our bedroom window, my kitten fell out when he was about 12 weeks and he was fine.

She will eventually learn her lesson.

MellowMa Sat 23-Jun-07 12:40:41

Message withdrawn

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Sat 23-Jun-07 13:01:53

"Come to think of it, she was a stray when I got her - a tiny baby with a bloody, sore jaw. Wonder if that's what happened to her to start with? Dumb cat. but god, I love her so! "

Bloody, sore (and even broken) jaws are a clear indication of a cat jumping from a good height. I would not be surprised at all, if yours was a baby cat not allowed to go out yet who jumped out of a window, rather than a stray (although fortunate the you found her!)

So, the thing is, there is a clear indication she has done it in the past, has done it again, therefore no guarantees for it not to happen again! So... get the screens, or don't leave the windows fully open, she may have few lives left than you think!

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