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Safe ways to get rid of fleas with a baby

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Cornish83 Fri 30-Nov-18 14:40:56

We have just moved into a house and there are fleas everywhere, we aren’t pet owners so there’s no pets to treat but they are in the new house and I’ve seen them jumping on the baby.
I was trying to avoid a flea bomb as we have a 13 month old and a 2 year old and I hear they can leave toxins for a while afterwards. Any suggestions would be great?

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 01-Dec-18 09:07:23

Any of the sprays Indorexx, Acclaim and RIP Fleas that you can buy from Amazon are safe and effective if you use correctly hovering first and then spraying then no further hovering for 24 hours. They will continue to work for 12 months used in that way.

Cornish83 Sun 17-Feb-19 09:46:36

Can I stop my husband having contact with our daughters if we separate?

Just after our daughters were born I discovered that my husband had sexually abused both his younger sisters over a long period of time which he admitted to after his sister mentioned it in an argument, she also claimed he has done it to her young daughter which he denied but said he did do it to his sisters.
I would have left him but I knew he would then be more of a risk to our daughters as he would have contact without me so I have stayed with him and made sure the children are always with me and he’s never alone with them, I really want to leave but fear he would get contact with my daughters alone and possibly over night and I wouldn’t be there to protect them.
His sisters would never testify in court about this as they have put it behind them and are close and would be on his side so I have no evidence of this other than that they told me and he admitted to it.
I feel like scooping them up and running but feel the law would be on his side and the girls are safer if I am here to with them and never leave them with him.
Do I have any rights to keep my children safe from him if I feel they’d be at risk with him? they’re only 1 and 3 so I couldn’t even ask them if he did anything.

SheldonCooper77 Sun 17-Feb-19 10:00:57

Cornish, you do know you've posted this on a different thread? And it's under pets?

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