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Neighbours not walking their dogs (dog breeders)

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LOVELYDOVEY05 Wed 28-Nov-18 11:07:08

3 years ago they sold a relative of mine a puppy. While I was over there I noticed that they never walk their dogs and they are left at home barking. We do not breed dogs but have had 3.
Anyway one day the neighbour spoke to me over the fence and said the dog needs to go out for walks etc. As the puppy is walked twice a day I failed to see why I was being told this ?
When I go over there to walk the dog to help out my family out I am treated very badly by the neighbours. For example they never speak to me about anything but the dog. At Christmas this neighbour walked in and completely ignored me . Not Merry Xmas or anything.
I have now refused to go over to my relatives house and told the neighbours that I think they have treated me badly.
My relatives say that they will have to get rid of the dog as they need someone to look after /walk the dog from time to time and obviously I will not be doing this any more.

PlateOfBiscuits Thu 29-Nov-18 08:43:48

I’m a bit confused, have I got this right? ...
You walk your relatives’ dog sometimes. Their neighbour breeds dogs. While you were at your relatives the breeders told you that their own dogs need walking or did they tell you that your relatives dogs need walking?

Maybe the breeder believes the dog to be your responsibility and is upset it’s not being walked enough? Who walks the dog(s) when you don’t?

If you don’t walk the dog anymore could they employ a dog walker?

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