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Ours is the most stoooopid cat ever

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CarGirl Thu 21-Jun-07 22:58:33

He has just fallen off the table whilst walking along it and managed to gash my leg badly as he went. Worst of all I'm actually v allergic so it's puffing up nicely oh and still bleeding when I take the flannel off. I am not impressed - why is he so stupid, can he not see when there is no table??????

cece Thu 21-Jun-07 23:01:06

OH I thought we had the worse cat but yours sounds pretty bad.

Ours runs away from the magpies in the garden and our pet rabbit [shakes head sadly]

cece Thu 21-Jun-07 23:01:19

Must be soemthing in the air around her??

cece Thu 21-Jun-07 23:01:27

whoops here

CarGirl Thu 21-Jun-07 23:03:14

well he is a "show champion" pedigree which I take to = stupid, he is very beautiful, he has managed to work out the cat flap he does however regularly roll off the sofa when enjoying his strokes too much - but when walking along the table?????????? He is a reject!

weebleswobble Thu 21-Jun-07 23:05:04

I hope he can't hear you!! Poor cat
One of mine is as thick as they come but very endearing with it.

Have you taken anti-histamine?

CarGirl Thu 21-Jun-07 23:11:21

oh yes double dose, still bleeding and puffing up.......He knows something is wrong as he sat on the floor and didn't ask for attention for a whole minutes.

Have to say - it hurts a lot when I take the flannel off.

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