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Crying & Wining Dog driving me MAD!

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SPR1107 Fri 23-Nov-18 14:04:18

Background - beautiful nearly 5 year old Cavapoo.

He has always gone to work with DH as boss had agreed to him becoming a 'yard dog' before we got him. He had an inside area plus a gated outside area, which he could freely wander from one to another. However business has expanded in the last year, and there is no room for the dog. He goes sometimes still, and goes for jollies with DH in the van, but he is having to stay at home more often.
The problem comes when we are home with him.

We have a DS2 and one on the way, so it isn't always practical to get him out and about in the middle of the day, but he always has access to a large garden, is stimulated in the house with games, and gets a long walk of an evening.

But if I try to play with DS2, he jumps on my lap, gets between us, constantly licking both of our faces, jumping on whatever it is we're doing, I.e. puzzles, car mat etc.

When I put DS2 down to nap, he sits and cries and whines and ends up waking him up. If I bring him in to the house asleep, he also tries to jump up to greet him and ends up waking him.

He is no problem with our DS, he tolerates a lot of toddler 'abuse', which we obviously always pull our toddler up on, and reassure the dog. He generally likes toddler playing with him, and allow toddler to pretend to hover him, play with his fur etc. Lovely natured.

I know he has been used to a certain way, that has changed, but it's been a few months now. I just cannot accept the crying and whining, but also not sure what to do about it.

If I tell him quiet, he whines just quieter then or progressively gets louder and louder again. And for an entire nap time, it's draining.

At the moment DS2 is twice the size and weight of the dog. With a smaller one on the way, I can't tolerate him jumping in between us, because ultimately that is going to become dangerous.

He is not a threat to my children, or anyone, (although I would never leave them alone, because of the unpredictably of both animals and children), and he is a much loved pet, and if we can't combat this, we will just live with it. But I would really like to not have to.

Any advice?

adaline Sat 24-Nov-18 13:31:49

Telling him to be quiet won't really mean anything to him, because you're asking him not to do something, not training a command f that makes sense.

Does he have any chews or toys you can use to occupy him? Mine will spend hours chewing a frozen kong stuffed with peanut butter, for example, or use DS's nap time to interact with the dog - he just wants attention. You could teach him tricks, practise his old ones again or train him a settle command.

My puppy whines when he's bored or wants to be in the kitchen while we cook! The best distraction for him is either food or play/training.

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