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introducing new cat to resident cat

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Mommasoph30 Mon 19-Nov-18 11:32:16

Help with any tips?

We have just introduced a lovely male cat (7) into my house with a female cat (6) . We have been keeping them separate and then moving them around rooms ( without them seeing each other ) so they get used to the scent! Also feeding next too each other ( between a door) problem is day 3 my female cat is still hissing and has been a bit grumpy ( still giving me a few cuddles but not as many you can tell when they not happy) but not sure if its cuz she wants to be free in the whole house or because of this new cat.

Any tips ? this new cat is so lovely i really want to keep him but dont wan my cat to be unhappy ,.


MadCatEnthusiast Mon 19-Nov-18 14:09:00

Maybe have a watch of Jackson Galaxy's show 'My Cat from Hell' seeing as he does a lot of episodes of introducing cats in one space

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