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Cats ripping up carpet

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aintkw Sun 11-Nov-18 17:17:39

We would let them in the bedroom, but we’ve got a 4 month old baby...

Do you think it would be cruel to keep them in the kitchen over night? It’s not massive, but we could fit their beds and litter tray etc in it. One of my cats likes to sleep in the sink so maybe he’d quite like it!

Dollymixture22 Sun 11-Nov-18 19:58:04

I think they would be fine - I assume you are home during th day so they are getting loads of company at the minute.

As long as they have somewhere soft and cosy to sleep (like a sink apparemtly) and a loo, they will just sleep through. Maybe drop in a few silent toys incase they start getting up to mischief

Perfectly1mperfect Sun 11-Nov-18 20:04:26

Your cats will be fine in the kitchen. Bed or sink, litter tray and food if like our cat and can't get through a night without eating and they have all they need.

Very funny that your cat likes to sleep in the sink. grin

fuckitbuckit Sun 11-Nov-18 20:50:24

Mine go in the downstairs loo at night (toilet roll removed or else it's all ripped up over the floor in the morning)

They also like to sleep in the sink instead of the big fluffy bed 😆

Liz38 Sun 11-Nov-18 21:07:04

My cats sleep in the kitchen at night. Because we shut them in the house they can have the living room as well (last cats were allowed out at night so not in the living room due to issues removing evidence of decapitated beasties from a cream fabric sofa...) cats are sooo pleased to see us in the morning but are perfectly fine shut away at night. They have all kitty mod cons including more beds than are strictly necessary and a water fountain.

OhOk Sun 11-Nov-18 21:41:32

My cat has been shut in the kitchen at night since we got her as a kitten. She has her bed, food, water and litter tray, a few toys and scratching post. She is fine, but when she hears us up and about in the morning she miaows reeeaaallly loudly until we let her out.

She also likes to sit in the bathroom sink!

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