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Thinking to get a (or two) Siamese kitten. Experiences please.

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Rubii Thu 01-Nov-18 12:31:14

Hi all,

I would really like to get a Siamese kitten as have been doing a lot of reading about them and like what I've been reading. Went to see some 13 weeks old Siamese kittens yesterday and they were just adorable.
I have two boys, 4 and 6 years old; no other pets.
I am currently studying and in uni 3 days a week, from 9-3. My husband is at home during the day as he doesn't start work till 4pm, but he isn't really a cat person and isn't keen on the idea of getting a cat.
The breeder we saw yesterday said Siamese cats don't like to be left alone and are inside cats.

I wanted to ask if anyone has had Siamese and what their experiences of owning such a cat. What's their temperament like, do they like going outside, are they good with kids. Can they sleep on their own or do they need to sleep in bed with you. Do they have any common health problems.
Will they be ok if left alone during the day if we go out for for a few hours (about 4 hours).

Thanks in advance.

Bloomcounty Thu 01-Nov-18 12:45:01

I've never had a Siamese, but I have had a half-Siamese and my friends have had several Siamese cats.

These are my own personal experiences, and may not be true for everyone.

I'll start with a warning about them.

Have you heard their cries? Seriously, if you haven't, find a video and listen to it. They are VERY loud, VERY vocal, VERY involved in family life, and they will talk and talk and talk and talk......if you cannot bear the sound they make, then don't even think about it. I'm sure somewhere, there is a quiet Siamese, but I've yet to meet one. It's like being haunted. They will cry when they're bored. They will cry when they're alone. They will cry when they're hungry. They will cry when you're right beside them and they just want attention. They will cry when the leave the room. They will cry when the enter the room. They will cry when you say their name (this is cute though). They love the sound of their own voice, and if you don't love it too, you'll cry yourself.

On the plus side, they're incredibly intelligent, love being the centre of family life, are sociable, if a little highly strung, friendly and very loving and affectionate.

They're also easily bored, and when bored, they become destructive. Their intelligence means they can open cupboards and doors (even childproof locks have proved to be no obstacle), and they need a LOT of attention if they're not to investigate, thoroughly, every single corner and tiny space in your home. You'll find them in the attic. They'll be down on the floor behind a heavy cupboard, having slid down to "take a peek" and been unable to get themselves back out again. Four hours later, once you've removed the contents of the cupboard and moved it out, they'll saunter out and demand food. Next day they will do the exact same thing again, and will continue to do so until you build a wall of books across the gap at the top to stop them dropping down.

My attic had two rooms, one fully lined and the other unlined, so I wouldn't let my boy into the unlined room as he'd have disappeared into the eaves and I'd never have seen him again. I shut him in the lined room as he insisted on coming up with me. He climbed out of the window (stupidly, I left it open an inch and he hauled it open further) and scrabbled his way across a pitched slate roof to look into the window of the other room to see what I was up to. That's how nosy he was. I had to squeeze open the other window and grab him before he fell three storeys.

If you're not prepared for them to be potential handfuls, go for a moggy. Seriously, I aged about 20 years over the roof incident.

Bloomcounty Thu 01-Nov-18 12:47:10

Oh and ps - your breeder is saying make them indoor cats because, sadly, they do get stolen. It's not because they're delicate. If you let them outdoors, your home will thank you. They expend a lot of energy exploring the world and are fantastic hunters, so they're more likely to be happy with a nap on your lap once they come home rather than turning the place into a giant adventure play ground. But they do get stolen, like all pure breeds, so bear that in mind.

helpfulperson Thu 01-Nov-18 13:34:21

Agree with the comment about crying - it is incessant! All cats are like this to a certain extent but Siamese have never forgotten they were worshiped as God's and never let you forget it either.

If they are not the focal point of everything they are not happy but they are worth the effort.

TheABC Thu 01-Nov-18 13:50:15

A normal cat will wake it's owners. A Siamese will wake the dead. My parents have half breeds that we let outdoors as it's in a quiet country place and they have tabby markings. They also have the Siamese temperament! They are highly active, very intelligent and prepared to get through all 9 lives as quick as possible. The male demands a specific place on the bed and fussses in the morning and evening. The female dominates the dog and insists on grooming my Dad's hair, whenever he sits down. They are acrobats and love bring up high. For indoor cats, consider a cat climbing wall with shelves up to headheight, so they can enjoy the view and get away from the bustle. Hessein scratch corners on you sofas will protect them from clawmarks. Play with them a lot - string games, paperchase, the red dot: anything to wear them out. Kitty treat balls may distract them from your cupboards. Alternatively, just have a dedicated cupboard space for them with a few sensory things to explore each day

Prepare to be a cat slave.

Bloomcounty Thu 01-Nov-18 13:50:39

Maybe I've painted the wrong picture, sorry. My boy was fantastic. He was so cuddly, loved being carried (perfect for kids) and loved nothing more than being up inside your jumper whilst you were wearing it. He's been gone over 20 years and I still miss the funny, loving wee soul.

Chocolatedigestives1 Thu 01-Nov-18 21:06:11

I also have a half Siamese. Bloomcounty is absolutely right!

When we first got him we tried to keep him in. He would destroy everything! Toilet rolls were ripped up, (we still can't even have kitchen roll!)

He's obsessed with dairy and bread. He will rip open packets, knock cake tins onto the floor so he can eat them... rip open ANY food left out. He rips open all the animal food bags. He's obsessed with water. He yowls constantly!

We keep our dog treats and chews in a large plastic Drawr unit. He has worked out how to get behind it, push the Drawr open, get a chew, drag it out and he gives it to the dog!!

We now let him outside (not through choice, it got to the point where he'd worked how to open the windows!!) And if he gets let out at night he will actually climb the brick work of the house (I've seen him do this!!) To get up to our windowsill and proceed to yowel untill he's let in.

He is an absolute handful BUT we love him and he is such a strong character! Everybody in my family finds the story's I tell them hallarious! He makes me laugh every single day (and quite possibly swear even more!!!)

He's incredibally loveing, he curls up under the duvet with me to sleep. He's incredibally needy also, he constantly wants attention and will think nothing of shoving my phone out the way or standing on the computer just to get a stroke.

They are amazing cats but they arnt pets that adapt to the family, the family has to adapt to them! And you can't ever let your gard down! smile

I adore him and absolutely would get another one he's just amazing, but it was a massive culture shock (the breeder told me he was a pure breed birman, his dad defiantly was her Siamese!)

Greymalkin Thu 01-Nov-18 21:24:04

You need to watch this....

Rubii Thu 01-Nov-18 22:10:43

I watched some videos on YouTube, and they are LOUD. But do they meow most of the time, or only when they want something?

I saw the dad when I went to see the kittens yesterday and he was very quiet, didn't miaow once? Is that normal? Although he kept rubbing his head against the breeder and was also approaching wanting to get stroked.

From everything I've read, they are very intelligent, and I worry they will get bored and get up to no good when left alone. I have a garden that's approximately 20m x 5m that I would consider getting cat proofed. Would they be happy with that or would they try to escape?

Are they very active cats then? I wanted something moderately docile and affectionate but not too needy and without the long hair. I initially was looking at ragdolls but decided against the them in the end due to their long hair and their adult size, and ended up looking at the Siamese breed instead.

From what you've all described, Siamese are very high maintenance and need attention at lease 90% of the time? I don't think we would be able to provide that. Any other recommendations on what cat breed would be suitable for our family?

Toddlerteaplease Fri 02-Nov-18 01:27:51

Persians are the complete opposite! Very laid back, affectionate and a bit thick. One of mine is very chatty and the other is learning to talk. As long as you keep on top of their long coats it's easy. I've got a long and a short haired one.

Chocolatedigestives1 Fri 02-Nov-18 06:58:50

We do have a ragdoll also, I would highly recommend one!

She blended straight into our family unlike our twiggy. She only meows when she wants a stroke or food and is very affectionate!

She loves cuddling up with the family and follows us around. She goes in the garden and loves plodding around but can't jump the fence (unlike the other one, he tears around it like a panther and jumps the fence without even trying)

She's not high manitiance atall she just needs the odd brush (which she loves having!) And she loves a fuss.

She's so calm and docile, an absolutely lovely cat. Has never scratched but will put the cat and dog in there place if they anoy her (angry meow). There very good family cats! smile

Bloomcounty Fri 02-Nov-18 08:38:33

High maintenance is exactly how Siamese cats are. They're worth it, but they're as much hard work as a cat can be. We got two rescue moggies the last time, and they have been wonderful cats.

Rubii Fri 02-Nov-18 08:57:25

I'm on Facebook and someone is looking to regime their cat. It's a 5 month old male kitten, who's absolutely gorgeous. Is that still a young enough age for the kitten to bond with us and the kids?

KatyMac Fri 02-Nov-18 08:59:31

Mmm my Siamese is a rescue, he willingly walks on a lead

He goes out (microchipped) in our 8m by 5m garden and rarely strays

He is NOT as loud as the cats in the shower except when he punishes us for being out all day 12-15 hrs or over night (24-30 hrs) or if we deflea him or give him anibiotics

He is needy in that if anyone is sat down he wants a lap (guest/child) he used to sleep on our bed but we trained him out of it easily (although at bedtime he will 'hide' under the quilt)

He is a fussy eater 95% of the time unless you are eating something he fancies (like bread or chocolate or melon)

When we were moving the estate agent came to measure up and the cat followed him from room to room making sure he did it properly...oh an be careful when floorboards are up!

He is our 4th oriental and I love him with all my heart

KatyMac Fri 02-Nov-18 09:03:45

They are clever and adaptable

We revoked Flynn when he was 2 or 3 I think - DD lived away at college - they didn't bond

She moved home in July and in the last few weeks they have started to bond

But asiamese will have their own person and they choose who that is

KatyMac Fri 02-Nov-18 09:17:26

Revoked? Rehomed!!

Inforthelonghaul Fri 02-Nov-18 09:17:53

I have had more than one cat since but nothing could ever replace my Siamese. She will always be the love of my life and I miss her every day even after nearly twenty years. Be warned though they are one person cats and that person is their everything and noisy needy little treasures they are too. Would give pretty much anything to have another day with mine though.

TheGreenWoman Fri 02-Nov-18 09:32:12

Siamese are everything that people have said above, and more - loud, high maintenance, opinionated, clever, demanding, naughty, centre of the universe - I could go on all day! But they are also amazing - I cannot imagine not having a siamese in my life. You have never been loved until you have been loved by a siamese. Our current siamese is incredible - and while they are often one-person cats, ours shares his love around, and has been amazing with my DC, never hurt them, given cuddles & purrs endlessly. Yes, he likes to sleep in the bed, yes, he demands utter devotion - but he has it. He has got me through some very difficult times in my life just by giving me his love & purrs. I cannot imagine life without him, which is a problem as he's now in his teens.

But while I think siamese are the best thing ever, they aren't for everyone. And it sounds like you might do better with a more laid back, docile breed. Ragdolls do sound a reasonable fit, but there is the long coat.

Also have a look at Exotic Shorthair - quite docile, I believe, but short coated.

TheABC Fri 02-Nov-18 09:40:59

It sounds like a basic oriental may suit you better. I opted for a Maine Coon kitten when I last had the choice for similar reasons: Siamese are gorgeous but I already had two noisy kids! Our Coon boy has never batted an eyelid at the tantrums and he has been incredibly loving, laid back and funny to watch. I would recommend them to anyone, as long as they are prepared to groom the coat.

Rubii Fri 02-Nov-18 09:45:06

KatyMac: Your cat eats melon and chocolate? Lol. That's so cute.

Is your cat an only cat? Do you regularly leave him at home alone during the day for any length of time? Where does he sleep?

I have my heart set on a Siamese but keep thinking what if I can't cope with its demands and antics. I've read they can be jealous if their bonded person shows affection to others. I love hugging my boys and sometimes cuddle them for a few mins (if they let me!) when they're playing on their iPad etc.

Just wont want to regret getting one because I can't cope.

frogintheTyne Fri 02-Nov-18 09:46:06

I grew up with Siamese cats and really miss not being able to have one now due to family allergies.

Our siamese were outdoor cats - and the most fabulous, loving, devoted dog-cats you could imagine. Vocal, affectionate, clever, just amazing.

Think of that advert - - be more dog - thats a Siamese for you.

Bloomcounty Fri 02-Nov-18 09:47:52

Rubii A 5 month old should be perfect. He'll bond very quickly at that age, especially if he's handled, picked up and played with a lot. Just make sure your wee ones let him sleep when he wants to though, as that's when he'll do his growing.

Rubii Fri 02-Nov-18 09:48:09

So this is the 13 weeks old, Lilac point Siamese I saw earlier this week and the moggy is the 5 month old kitten the owner is looking to rehome.

Which one?

Bloomcounty Fri 02-Nov-18 09:52:05

Our half-Siam loved cooked cabbage. Siamese cats have very special talents, and adventurous spirits. My now hubby's first experience with that was him sitting on the sofa in my parents house, meeting the family for the first time. He was chatting to Dad and felt a slight tug on the custard cream biscuit he was holding in his right hand. He turned round to find the cat chewing on it. This same cat also ate his way through three layers of greaseproof paper and kitchen foil, along with wrapping paper, to taste test the two christmas cakes I'd baked for my Grannies for their presents. I was 11 years old, devastated at the destruction and spent christmas morning baking a batch of shortbread for each of them to replace the mauled fruit cakes.

Siamese cats will try anything. Literally, anything.

Bloomcounty Fri 02-Nov-18 09:54:48

If you can't give the Siamese the full attention it will probably demand, I'd go for the moggy. They are both absolutely beautiful, and the tabby will still be demanding (it's a cat, after all, they're here to be worshipped) but the Siamese will be off the scale in comparison. It's a tough decision, but only you know if you can cope with a toddler in the house again (and it'll be a toddler for the entire lifespan).

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