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PhoebeSO Wed 31-Oct-18 01:46:18

Today I cleaned me hamster ( Gucci's ) cage and noticed a lot of food in one of the corners of it so i started to watch her, I realised that she has become skinnier but also when she walks she is very unstable and occasionally falling onto her back and not being able to get up. She is sort of dragging her legs behind her and being very slow whilst walking, so I gave her a bit of food, water and cucumber as she hasn't beengetting enough of this for a while now. When i was about to go to bed i went to go and check on her and i got very worried when i found her on her back, bum up in the air so i turned her over and then checked on her a few minutes later and luckily she was lying there normally. Does anyone have any idea of what it going on with her.

Kate123cl Wed 31-Oct-18 08:06:27

Hello. It sounds like how mine was for the last week of his life. How old is your hamster? Is she a Syrian or dwarf? It's a shame they don't live longer sad when I took my dwarf to the vet the lady said to let nature take its course if he didn't appear to be in any pain (he passed away that week). My Syrians never really fell on their back they just stored food and got noticeably skinnier. Could your hamster be cold? Maybe move cage to a warmer part of the house, add extra bedding / heat pad. Make her as comfortable as possible x

Cheerfulasever Wed 31-Oct-18 08:11:06

Are her pouches full? They may need to be emptied by a vet- might be stopping her from being able to eat?

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