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Resident cat chasing, pinning down and biting new kitten advice/reassurance needed!

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Chatwithmeplease Mon 29-Oct-18 09:03:39

I have a resident male neutered 14 month old cat and have recently introduced a female 12 week old kitten. We started it off slowly keeping them in separate rooms and doing scenting, exchanging bedding and toys etc. After about a week and them sniffing each other behind a closed door, we let him into the room she was in (she was in a puppy cage). There was no hissing or growling but lots of eyeballing and then he started putting his paw through the bars and tapping and eventually swatting her. She would retreat and look submissive. After a few days of these short periods of interaction (and him miaowing behind her closed door and them putting their paws under the door) we decided they might be ready to meet face to face (always supervised). Again there was no hissing etc. His body language suggested he was watching prey - dilated pupils, crouching and tail swaying slowly. He would hen pounce and swat her or pin her down and bite her tummy or back while holding her in his paws. Sometimes she cries but other times she is silent. We do separate them as it looks like he could hurt her. She is tiny and he is a big male cat. He doesn’t seem to ever stop ‘attacking’ her and so they encointers never end very well. We have just kept the interactions short and then separated them again but he keeps wanting to go back in the room and miaows loudly outside the closed door. The kitten doesn’t appear too frightened as she does try and approach him when they are together but then scampers and hides after he has ‘attacked’ her. How long will this go on for and should I be leaving them together for longer? Am just worried he could hurt her. She’s been with us now for almost 3 weeks. We make sure to give both cats plenty of cuddles and special time with us. Any advice or reassurance appreciated.

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