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My cat is so naughty

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Popfan Wed 24-Oct-18 11:34:02

My cat is a gorgeous male tabby, a real character who talks all the time! He loves his food though and he has diet food from the vets. We were really pleased as he lost weight. Over the summer it's crept on again. Yesterday I found out why when round my next door neighbour's house. They also have a cat (they are friends and meet in the garden, touching noses and play together). Apparantly in the hot weather where their French doors were open he was found tucking in to their cat's food. So naughty, especially as he comes back home and miaows at us as if he hasn't been fed in days. He's in for a shock now as their doors are going to be shut for the winter!!

florafawna Wed 24-Oct-18 11:50:42

The little smart arse grin

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