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Hot weather = More Fleas

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Faerie87 Tue 10-Jul-18 00:36:15

Hey I have two cats, recently I have been seeing 1 or 2 fleas a day for the last couple of weeks.

I also have a newborn baby who is just over a month old now, been feeling really annoyed because sometimes I will spot a flea on her or on her Moses basket. Feel like the worlds worst parent :-(

Anyways I have front lined the cats to no avail and today I have used a spray called Indorex to get rid of the fleas, I’m hoping it will get rid of them!

Has anyone else noticed an increase in flea sightings in this weather?

Has anyone else also used indorex and did you find it worked? Used it tonight so not sure if not will work or not! Just fed up of them!!

TopKittyKat Tue 10-Jul-18 22:04:18

We are struggling with fleas too. We treat our kitty every month and have treated the carpet but tonight avail.
I'm booking an appointment with the vet to see if they can prescribe us any super strength treatment.
It's so horrible seeing fleas on your baby. I hate it.

PersianCatLady Tue 10-Jul-18 22:09:58

Frontline is useless and has been for a while now.

Go to the vets and get some other flea treatment.

PersianCatLady Tue 10-Jul-18 22:12:47

If you have got a flea infestation in your home the best thing to do is to get a professional to come and spray your house to get rid of the fleas once and for all.

Wolfiefan Tue 10-Jul-18 22:15:05

Frontline doesn't work.
Indorex is great but it won't sort the cats.

PersianCatLady Tue 10-Jul-18 22:17:09

Indorex is only effective if you follow the directions to the letter which is easier said than done. Most people however hard they try miss areas when spraying or open doors and windows too soon after spraying.

Faerie87 Wed 11-Jul-18 02:03:12

Well it’s only been one day after using Indorex and I have not seen a single flea today!! 😀!

I also have a new flea treatment for the cats but can’t use it for another few days as we have to wait a month since we administered the frontline. Cats are no longer going in the area that has been treated! Fingers crossed 🤞 we won’t see anymore! X

PersianCatLady Wed 11-Jul-18 09:20:48

So far so good then, Excellent!

I am surprised that Frontline is still allowed to claim that it kills fleas when people started saying that it didn't work from 2012 onwards.

Faerie87 Wed 11-Jul-18 16:40:50

I know it’s really annoying about frontline! We have something called activyl that we got from the vets.

Feel really guilty at the moment as we have to keep the cats outside and in the utility room, they would normally stay in the kitchen but my partner saw a flea on the kitchen table and that was it! Completely grossed him out!

PersianCatLady Wed 11-Jul-18 17:27:40

I hope that now you have got a decent treatment for your cats, seeing fleas will be a thing of the past in your house!!

HopeAndJoy16 Wed 11-Jul-18 17:36:00

We had a mega infestation a few years ago, I was finding fleas on laminate flooring upstairs, and we literally used indorex everywhere. Think it took a couple of treatments but it did the trick. Yesterday my daughter kissed the cat and came away with a flea in her hair shock my gosh I felt awful. Have done a spray around with wilkos stuff until we can get indorex again, and cat has been frontlined. It's definitely the warm weather, our cat is usually happy indoors but has been staying out all day/night.

PersianCatLady Wed 11-Jul-18 18:08:31

cat has been frontlined
You are still using Frontline??

LastBanana Mon 16-Jul-18 16:08:52

I have two cats as well and last year I had a bad flea infestation in the whole house. My poor babies were scratching and biting constantly. Frontline only worked for three months and then I just stopped using anything. They were fine until they started going outside a lot, then it got bad.

None of the flea treatments in supermarkets or available cheap work. I had no choice but to take them to the vets and pay them for a 3 month treatment which actually worked wonders. However before the vets I had to wash them three times (ouchy ouch aggghhh confused), comb thoroughly, use flea bombs in the house and Indorex every carpet (and even removed some of it completely).

After all of that and their new drops they’re blissfully happy (and have been for a year now). Vets have the best stuff, it’s worth every penny!

PersianCatLady Mon 16-Jul-18 16:38:09

None of the flea treatments in supermarkets or available cheap work
The only things that actually work are prescription strength medicines from vets.

Some vets offer the "Healthy Pet Scheme" so that you pay a monthly fee and they provide your pet (dog / cat) with their vaccinations, flea treatments and wormers.

Bingisatwat Mon 16-Jul-18 16:55:44

Advocate is good but only available from vets I believe

Rubies12345 Sun 29-Jul-18 21:57:51

This is an old thread but to let you all know I used advantage (no prescription) on my cat and it worked. Doesn't help with the sofa though...

Shmithecat Sun 29-Jul-18 22:00:05

Indorex is fab. Frontline is not. And I know it's a bit of a bind with a little one too, but try to vacuum everyday for a couple of weeks too .

MrsPreston11 Sat 11-Aug-18 10:32:09

A combination of indorex and advantage has finally gotten us flea free! Thank goodness!

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