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Fighting invisible fleas?!?

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Freyamumduck Wed 14-Feb-18 06:26:00

Good morning all. I'm new here. Need some advice.

Back in June my MIL cane to stay for a few weeks. Her dog had fleas from her cat... that was fun.

After clearing the house. I haven't seen a single flea since she left. Nobody has had a bite in months.

I have a puppy coming to be our family pet (after the husband and kids nagged enough) and I'm so very scared the poor baby will get fleas from our house. I've been treating the place for days now.

What are the odds there are some lurking? I heard they can be dormant for awhile but I would have thought with four of us in the house they would have hatched?

What do you all think? I'm currently dying of some sort of cold and would rather not battle this non exsistant flea problem today if I can help it.

Thanks smile

dementedpixie Wed 14-Feb-18 07:35:10

If you treat the dog regularly then if there are any they will die in contact with him. My cats are treated monthly with a vet bought spot on

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