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Cat attacks me

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Julieelizabeth5 Tue 14-Nov-17 16:51:31

I have had a kitten for 4 weeks now, he’s 10 weeks old, I’m 30 weeks pregnant, the past few days he’s starting to attack me, especially if I touch my bump, before this he’s always been cuddly and playful but he’s never attacked me like this before, yesterday I pushed him away about 10 times because he just kept coming back up to me and attacking me, it’s not his normal playing self because he’s hissing at me when I push him away too and then just coming back and attacking me again, is he being protective over the bump or is he getting jealous when I touch the bump and don’t pet him? I stroke him a lot and don’t stop stroking him to touch my belly so don’t know what his problem is? Help

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