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cockatiels making my son allergic

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stealtheatingtunnocks Mon 13-Nov-17 13:29:05

Am gutted - 12 year old DS has had problems with asthma since, well, forever. Can't have furry pets, no carpets, wet dusting, that sort of thing has kept him well. Well, that a shed load of medication!

Kids have been desperate for a pet, and, according to the allergy testing, he's not allergic to feathers. So, we got a cockatiel. Lovely wee thing, now hand tame, will fly to you, etc. Gorgeous, and much loved.

Only, DS's lung tests have changed since we've had the bird. Clinic are saying that it's the dust off the bird or the dust off the seed.

So, I got an air purifier, a steam cleaner, a bird bath and changed him on to pellets (better for him anyway) - and DS' inflammatory markers are still raised.

Clinic want us to rehome the bird, at least on a trial basis.

Anyone got any other ideas to try? I think it's inevitable that we'll have to give the bird up, it's more so I an say to the kids "we tried EVERYTHING".


ReinettePompadour Mon 13-Nov-17 13:35:02

I can't have birds either due to asthma. They carry a particular bacteria that causes pneumonia. I suffered for 8 months before someone asked if I had birds. They were rehomed immediately and I eventually recovered after a shed load of antibiotics but have lasting damage to my lungs sad

Stick insects are great pets or a tortoise maybe if you really want a pet suitable for asthmatics. Maybe fish too?

DPotter Mon 13-Nov-17 13:40:55

DP had severe asthma as a child which only cleared up when he went to boarding school at 13, and came back on his first trip home again. His parents still didn't rehome their cat - but that's a different story....

Sadly he can't tolerate any pets - cats, dogs, birds, horses etc. He can't visit houses with pets and we (my DD & I) have to be careful when we do, so we don't bring animal hair and dander home with us.

There are simply some things you can't have in life and for your children it is fluffy, furry, feathery pets. Sad but true. Please don't sacrifice your DSs health for a pet

DPotter Mon 13-Nov-17 13:43:04

Oh and don't be tempted by those who say poodles and 'designer-dogs' will be fine - they're not, at least as far as my DP's asthma is concerned

stealtheatingtunnocks Mon 13-Nov-17 15:29:10

Yeah, I know, it's really sad! The thing about the birds is that they are becoming really tame, the kids (3 of them) have bonded with them and spend a lot of time with them.

However, that's by the by.

A friend is going to take them or a few months. Then we'll either have them back (because it's not the birds causing the wheeze) or rehome them (because it is).


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