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What is your pet called?

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giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 18:54:21

My Havana brown kitten is called Chocolate.

We used to have a boy cat called Sparkle (died)

We used to have a girl kitten called Eddie (also died)

ShowOfHands Sun 15-Apr-07 18:57:25

My cat is called Wombat.

Or YouNaughtyLittleBuggerStopChasingThoseBumblebees.

DrunkenSailor Sun 15-Apr-07 18:58:56

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Sun 15-Apr-07 18:59:48

2 cats silver and george

Hillllllllllary Sun 15-Apr-07 18:59:57

We have a dog called alfie and a rabbit called bunny or "come back here you little fekker"

jules99 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:06:30

an OAP hound called nestor

fuckwit Sun 15-Apr-07 19:07:23

nestor is my name for next baby!

ginger tom called Bernard

HumphreysCorner Sun 15-Apr-07 19:10:09

A ginger tom called Marmalade

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 15-Apr-07 19:11:58

dogs called molly and bella.
had rats called brandy and monica
had hamsters called squidgy, harry, harriet, hammy and arnie.
had cats called scuppy, murphy, tootsie.
mum has cats called barney, lizzie, eddie, rosie and raphy.
oh and had a dog called tayah.

jules99 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:12:18

it is bob marleys middle name...

robert 'nestor' marley

"Life is one big road with lots of signs, so when you're riding through the rough don't you complicate your mind."
Robert Nestor Marley

fuckwit Sun 15-Apr-07 19:14:40

i think it means something adorable too!
I give all my little boys 'black' names!

jules99 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:33:12

it is a cool name fuckwit and it means 'homecoming'

i hope he remembers that if he ever goes 'walkies' on his own

NutterlyUts Sun 15-Apr-07 19:35:00

I have Chico the dog, and Romeo & Juliet the finches. Am keeping 2 of their babies who shall be called Custard & Crumble if female and Apple & Rhubarb if, with me going out the buy the opposite genders from the pet shop too (if that makes sense)

Kbear Sun 15-Apr-07 19:36:58

We have fish... Jessica, Charlotte, Bob, Maureen, Mango and Chip. All good solid fish names!

Once had a ginger cat called Maverick - but he never learned the Green Cross Code unforunately.

snowwonder Sun 15-Apr-07 19:41:56

10 year old grey cat called daisy- always wnated a daughter named daisy but cat came along before daughter did so cat got the name!!

iris66 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:49:56

Used to have a dog called Scrap because we found him on the side of the road and was such a little one. He turned out into a huge black beast of a thing who liked to fight so the name was still appropriate unfortunately

bodiddly Sun 15-Apr-07 19:51:12

chocolate brown cat called bo diddly and a grey kitten called kiki

penmack Sun 15-Apr-07 19:52:22

we have big sloppy lab called jack
2 cats sparky and garfield (original i know)
and an oap guinea pig called meagan

Blu Sun 15-Apr-07 19:52:49

Rabbits. Blackie and Brownie. "because they're only young Mummy and it will help them learn their names and remember which one is which".

Quite the animal psychologist, DS.

shanks313 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:55:04

2 dogs Kaeley and Suzy
3 cats Cassie,Crystal and DJ
A fish called Angel

Chocadora Sun 15-Apr-07 19:55:49


ComeOVeneer Sun 15-Apr-07 19:56:28

"2cats called Timon and Pumbaa (very appropraie as one stands up on his hind legs just like a meer cat, the other is a fat lump) and 2 fish called Max and Ruby (dd's fish).

Tickle Sun 15-Apr-07 19:57:06

whippet called Lettuce
3 rabbits: blackie, koala and 'bips'

lou33 Sun 15-Apr-07 19:58:27

cat called midnight

Rhubarb Sun 15-Apr-07 19:59:05

I used to have a drunken marauding goblin called Norman.

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