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Post heat behaviour

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irisheils Sun 29-Oct-17 23:08:31

Hello doggy people,
I'm a long term lurker on mumsnet and have learned so much from the doghouse.
I'm hoping that those of you with more experience can advise me on something specific.

A bit of background on my pup. She's a little rescue. The dogs trust felt she was a mix of Collie and Husky. The vet feels there is some Beagle there too, so she's a real mix. Collie is definitely the dominant breed.
She has the best temperament and getting her is the best thing we have done as a family.

With the vets advice, we decided to let her have one season before having her spayed. She came into heat on the 9th of September, one week before she turned 11 months.
She bled for 3 weeks and I am 100% confident that there was no mating.

Since she finished, she is still constantly attending to her wee vulva. It seems to be annoying her, rather than just keeping herself clean as she did while bleeding. Also, her friend (an intact male) still seems to be very interested in sniffing around that area which really irritates her.
My query is .... Is all this normal while things settle down post heat, or is it time for a vet visit?
I have checked her and don't see any signs of discharge and there is no smell.

I would appreciate any advice.

Worldsworstcook Sat 04-Nov-17 16:25:52

My little shihtzu is the same. When we let her gave a bleed (usually because we have forgotten to get her a contraceptive jab) she licks herself till she's red for weeks after as well as being grumpy and out of sorts. I think it becomes a bit of a habit.

Try and distract her when she licks excessively, it'll take a few weeks but in my opinion it'll settle down soon. But you are right to consider a vet appt if it doesn't settle soon

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