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Moving house with 2 cats who dont get on

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rainbowcakes Thu 26-Oct-17 11:28:35

Hi everyone,

Currently living with the in laws and moving into our own place this weekend! Dh and I have 2 cats who are living at in laws with us. They are coming with us to the new house, but will stay with in laws for a few days whilst we unpack etc.

However, they dont get on with each other so I’m a bit concerned about the best way to move them in.

Im not sure if its best to bring them both to the new house at the same time (in seperate cat carriers), or bring them separately (ie bring one then go back for the other), or if it doesnt really matter & im overthinking it?

My thinking is that if we bring them at the same time, they will have to deal with being in a new environment, plus being in each others presence at the same time. However, if we bring them separately then one of them will have had a chance to mark their scent around the house etc. I dont know if either way will cause more or less tension between them!

Its quite a small house so not really an option to keep them in seperate rooms. Combined with having to keep them in for 2 weeks, im dreading it! The new house is also near (but not on) a busy road, just to make me worry even more!

Will buy a couple of those plug in diffuser things as well. Sorry for the ramble but any advice would be appreciated!!

Thank you smile

Figment1234 Thu 26-Oct-17 11:31:47

I think I would bring them at the same time. As you say, if you do it separately the first one may mark their scent etc. which could cause more tension/stress for the second one.

You may find that the new house is a new bonding experience for them!

MimsyBorogroves Thu 26-Oct-17 15:44:15

Same time, then one isn’t going into the others territory.

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