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Babies and Sighthounds

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Fidgetbird76 Wed 25-Oct-17 18:15:52

Does anyone have any advice about bringing a newborn into a household where there is already an adult sighthound, specifically a saluki?)
My saluki is six years old and while she has a very high prey drive, she has never shown any signs of aggression, or even irritation with the younger members of the family. She has been around toddlers and up since she was a pup (in-laws side of the family).
As my family only have experience of gundogs (placid, biddable, can be allowed safely off the lead in open spaces etc) because they aren't used to sight hounds they think my dog is a danger to the baby when he/she arrives early next year and are pressurising us into re-homing her sad She was re-homed as a puppy and doesn't deserve a third home in 7 years.
All advice, tips and help would be gratefully received!
Obviously my OH and I are never going to leave the baby unattended with her or any other animal, nor would we let a crawler/toddler be unsupervised around any dog. ( I'm not a total muppet, I have managed to raise three other children to teenage years with family dogs and without incident )
Thanks in advance!

Isitwinteryet Fri 03-Nov-17 08:20:01

I don't have a Saluki, but we have a 4yo rescue greyhound and have a 3 week old baby. He was fine with our baby, a little apprehensive at first. But he's good with older children and pretty laid back in general tbh.
Most of it is common sense and not allowing a situation where the dog has chance to cause harm to the baby and you sound like you've got that bit sussed. smile I also wouldn't rehome if she hasn't shown any reason for you to be worried. You know her better than anyone else. smile

Rollerbird Fri 03-Nov-17 08:36:05

Ive got 2 sighthoynds and a 12 month Old grandson
Youngest was 9 months when he arrived and she has been great
Introduction from day one. Getting dog introduced and letting her sniff him etc
Older dog is grouchy at 13 years. She's fine with baby as long as he doesnt go too close. She treats him like the puppy our young dog was. Ignores unless he invades her space.

Fidgetbird76 Mon 13-Nov-17 18:48:18

Thank you ladies!
I managed to ask the vet for their view while I was in there for something else. They’ve also confirmed my thoughts that there shouldn’t be any issue but to of course use common sense. Thank you!
Family will be robustly put in their place if they give us any more grief about it!

Wolfiefan Mon 13-Nov-17 18:53:11

Stair gates are useful.
Consider where the dog will have its safe and quiet space away from the child.
Playpen for baby when older is useful.
As long as you're not a "muppet" and let baby/toddler climb all over hound and video it to share with #cute with it then you'll be fine. angry to muppets!
Dog training Advice and support group on FB have some good advice on how to handle this.

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