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MEandME123 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:25:19

I think I'm going to have to burn down the house sad

Saw a flea on the sofa on Tuesday...majorly panicked and rushed out to get loads of flea stuff, spot on, powder, spray etc. Came home and gutted the living room. Put powder down, hoovered, sprayed and hoovered again later on.
Have hoovered every day since.
In all my wisdom I didn't think that fleas could travel room to room but googled as was still seeing a few fleas.
(Was kind of hoping this googling is the same as when you google a spot on your nose and find out that your face will fall off and then you die hmmwink)
Someone please tell me this is the case! I'm majorly freaking out!

Omg! Yesterday I did the bedrooms. Same procedure as before and saw like 10/12 fleas in the hoover. Clearly from upstairs as I've emptied it every time I've used it

Then this morning I had TWO tiny little fleas on the bed...NEXT TO ME!!

From what I've read I'm hoping that all the hoovering/spraying has just woken them up and they will just start dying out if I carry on with the same routine???

Also...what do I do about the cat??? She's been outside for the last few days. Which isn't unusual for her. She generally sleeps out on a night anyway.
But every time I see her she seems to be scratching. Or grooming. So not sure if the spot on has worked or not.
And I daren't bring her in to check her.

I've not had to deal with fleas before and I'm massively panicking so any advice I would be so grateful for. Amount of times I've cried over this the last few days is ridiculous.

Please someone tell me I'm completely overreacting confused

Orangebird69 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:30:29

Which spot on did you use? Anything OTC is generally next to useless and borderline dangerous. Get to the vets and ask for Advantage/Advocate/Stronghold.

For your house, get a couple of cans of indorex and spray EVERYTHING. Vacuum every day for a couple of weeks. That should work.

Orangebird69 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:31:24

And please, get your cat sorted - it's horrible for them to suffer.

PhoenixDown Sun 15-Oct-17 14:41:39

Another vote for Indorex spray, that's the only thing that helped when our cat had fleas we just couldn't shift. You can order it on Amazon.

They will go eventually, it takes time as the eggs will hatch and release new fleas. Indorex helps to kill the eggs too. Any sprays or powders from pet shops or supermarkets are pretty much useless as above poster said - get some proper spot on from the vets. Good luck smile

MEandME123 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:45:39

I had been using frontline which I buy from the chemist (although after researching on google it says this is no longer effective?) I normally do it the 16th of every when I got her they told me her next flea treatment would be due on the 16th so I've always just stuck to that date.

So technically I did her about a week or so early. So I can't do her again now for a while can I??

Ah yes I've heard indorex is good. Can this be bought over the counter so to speak or does it have to come from the vets?
I've seen it online but is there any shops I can go in and buy it!?

Orangebird69 Sun 15-Oct-17 14:47:12

Some vets will stock it. I Amazon Prime it. Speak to your vet to find out if you can treat your cat again and how soon.

MEandME123 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:22:27

I will do that. And have ordered the indorex.

Noticed tonight my youngest daughter (6) has about 8 bites on her side and back. And also 2 on the back of her leg. She's only been in the house since half 5. Although I guess they could've appeared yesterday.

Taken her pjs off her and there was a flea up her trousers on her leg.
I'm distraught.
Feel like the worst mum going right now.
I've checked her bed as best I can and put really plain bedding on and I can't see any fleas. Was stood there ages going over it.
The torch on my phone has become my best friend!

I know I'm banging on a bit now but what do I do about our clothes? And pj's etc?
Do I wash them all every day?
And what about bedding too?
I'd not really thought about all this until I saw the bites and the flea on her.

Am i completely blowing it all out of proportion or am I right to feel this upset and stressed?

troodiedoo Sun 15-Oct-17 21:26:14

Advocat from the vet! Top tip - shave a line on back of their neck with a nose hair/ bikini trimmer for maximum application.

troodiedoo Sun 15-Oct-17 21:28:45

Best way to kill the fleas is letting your newly dosed up cat roam the house.

Flea collar in the hoover doesn't hurt either.

troodiedoo Sun 15-Oct-17 21:30:02

Wash bedding and clothes on hottest wash they will handle.

niknac1 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:34:34

Definitely go to your vets , you can get collars and advocate which works, I think the non prescription treatment has become ineffective.

Santawontbelong Sun 15-Oct-17 21:40:31

Alongside all the advice already given put down bowls of soapy hot water before you go to bed. The fleas will have a lovely soak before they drown...

MEandME123 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:44:28

Thanks all. I'm so grateful for the replies.

Can I spray the beds too?
And if I let the cat roam the house won't the fleas just lay more eggs and then they will be all over the house?
When she's in the house she sleeps on my oldest daughters bed. Is it ok to let her do this still?

I've currently got a bowl of water with washing up liquid down in the living room with a light over it?
I'm scared to do this upstairs cos it will show how many there are and if there's more than a handful in there I'm either going to burn the house down or move out!!


troodiedoo Sun 15-Oct-17 21:50:01

I think the fleas will lay eggs but they will be sterile? It doesn't take long for the cycle to break if you're using the strong stuff.

MEandME123 Mon 16-Oct-17 10:10:33

Oh I see that makes sense. I'm trying to keep off google...that's why I'm asking all my questions on here.

Left the washing up liquid/water down in the living room last night. This morning there was one flea in it. I'm hoping this is a good sign.

Anyway...on with the hoovering. I'm hoping I'll have dropped at least one dress size after all this wink

FledglingFTB Thu 02-Nov-17 19:38:44

Piggybacking in this as we’ve realised frontline is unsuccessful. Vet told us to hoover for 7 days straight and THEN treat the house - really? Letting them stew for a week?

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